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The Biggest And The Baddest ‘Wearables Fashion Tech Festival’ – June 2018, Berlin


Wearables Fashion Tech Festival. The biggest Wearables And Fashion Tech Festival is coming again to Berlin, on the 19th and 20th June. The 2018 edition of ‘Wear It Festival’ will gather together experts and leading innovators in sustainable fashion, wearable tech, smart sensors, IoT, and future textiles landscapes to talk about the next revolution of smart garments and digitised clothing.

The event takes place at Kulturbrauerei in Berlin aiming to connect the international fashion tech and wearables scene.

The need for the Wear It Festival is highlighted by the fast-changing needs of modern fashion consumers, which expect the future fashion products to be able to ‘understand’ and respond to their individual needs, in respect to the digital settings.
Wearables Fashion Tech Festival - fashiontech jacket

Wearables Fashion Tech Festival – Wear It Festival

The need for wearable tech is also on the rise as application possibilities are manifold. According to Gartner Inc., the global wearables market is expected to grow by 62.6% in 2021 as constant digitisation has ‘penetrated’ the life of consumers and their everyday attire.

Moreover, the fashion and lifestyle industry faces disruption by the sustainable and technological challenges, forcing long-established, traditional fashion organisations to reinvent themselves in what the experts call, the age of industry 4.0.

To meet the new demands of the digital era, global fashion players must build new types of business relationships and Wear It Festival offers the necessary platform for cross-industry networking, where technology companies and start-ups can interact and cooperate with fashion brands, scientific institutions and luxury brands seeking answers to sustainability through microelectronics and wearable tech.
Wearables Fashion Tech Festival discussing innovative textiles

Wearables Fashion Tech Festival – Innovators, Speakers, Exhibitors

Wear It Festival 2018 is regarded as Europe’s number one conference in the field of wearable technology and digital clothing, gathering experts from all over the world, this time for the fourth time. The event put together 30 speakers and entrepreneurs, giving the attendance a unique insight into their strategies.

Also, over 40 exhibitors and suppliers presented their innovative materials together with research institutes, catering for the over 500 visitors interested in the Wearables scene. For this the Wear It Festival 2018 you can check the list of speakers (updating) here.
Wearables Fashion Tech Festival - innovative cotton
The covered topics are in workwear and lifestyle and fashion, smart materials and e-textiles, industrial applications, sports, health and medical devices, intelligent sensors, IoT and application development allowing participants to gain an overview of the intricacies of new markets and their targeted segments.

The panel will discuss the most burning questions from industry and research such as:

  • How can innovative companies take an active leadership role in the new market?
  • What are the new needs of industrial and private customers?
  • What are the latest trends in the wearables and fashion tech scene?
  • Which requirements are associated with the development of Wearables and digital services?
  • What can be learned from the most successful product developments in the wearables landscape?

Wearables Fashion Tech Festival

Wearables Fashion Tech Festival – 20% Discounted Ticket

Last year, Wear It Festival had on stage as world speakers regarded as pioneers in wearables and fashion tech movement: Matthew Drinkwater, the Head of Fashion Innovation Agency London, UK, Billie Whitehouse from WearableX, USA and Francesca Rosella from CuteCircuit, UK.

The event was supported by strategic partners such as Osram, Varta, Garmin and Deutsche Telekom, the European Commission, Fraunhofer IZM, RWTH Aachen and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

This year Wear It Festival brings on stage Lina Wassong, creative Technologist, Ben Cooper, the managing director of IoClothes, Susan Danziger, the founder of Ziggeo, and Moon Ribas, co-founder at Cyborg Foundation.

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Make sure you check out the official website to learn more about the Festival at www.wearit-berlin.com