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Wearable Tech News – A Mistake Repeated Is A Choice


Wearable Tech News – A Mistake Repeated Is A Choice
Less than a week ago, Intel’s Basis Peak smartwatch was recalled back to the manufacturer and Intel failed to detail much on the problem. However, following a significant number of online complaints, the device has a serious overheating problem.
At the beginning, Intel hoped that a software update would fix the problem. However, that was not the case and after further investigations, it appears that a hardware problem causes the overheating. So far, conform to Intel, less than 0.2% of Basis Peak owners are affected. Sadly, Intel is not offering any replacements but a refund. Worse than that, the tech giant plans to shut down its supporting cloud services by the end of 2016.

It looks like another drop in Intel’s attempts to enter the wearable trackers market segment, after Intel announced, earlier this year that the company stopped the development of the SoFIA smartphone processor and also cut back on Atom processor development.
After two years of attempting, there is little evidence pointing to any gains or significant traction in wearable technology and the company’s efforts in consumer smartphones and smart wearables now appear to be severely damaged.

Wearable Tech News – Is Intel Failing Again With Wearables After Mobile?

intel mica bracelet
Two years ago things could not look more different than now. That year Intel bought Basis Science, introduced the MICA smart fashion bracelet to the masses, then less than a year ago Intel was praising the Basis Peak smartwatch as one of the best out there.

Two years later and all of them seem like failed wearable tech experiments as Intel’s wearables are unable to leverage the company’s cellular and GPS connectivity. MICA bracelet first and Basis Peak smartwatch now are both dead.
It is only sad as I had the chance of trying both devices. I love the MICA bracelet, genuinely innovative at that time, not to mention its fantastic look on my wrist. I have never had more people asking what’s that, not even in my first month with the Apple Watch.
wearable tech news intel basis peak
Then the Basis Peak watch had a decent battery life, good specs and decent software. Sadly, both devices did not have marketing promo, tiny online campaign and failed to reach the critical mass market. Inevitably I reach a conclusion, given Intel’s previous attempts at releasing consumer goods: these guys are rubbish at marketing.
Products from less powerful – financially – companies such as Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, have become much more popular. Not because they were better devices, smarter or cheaper, but because they were well promoted and merchandised.
Intel has one of the best wearable tech platforms available, the Intel Curie SoC. It is the technology used by some of the wearable tech makers out there such as Fossil, Oakley, New Balance, Tag Heuer. Moreover, yet, two years later Intel did not deploy its wearable modules inside the Basis Peak smartwatches. Not in the old model, not in the new design, no Intel SoC at all.

Wearable Tech News – The Market Is Not Waiting For Intel To Decide On A Strategy

wearable tech news qualcomm vs intel
Sadly for Intel, the growing wearable tech market is not slowing or waiting for the tech giant to decide on a strategy. As it happened before with ARM and the war on chipsets, Intel has a new rival on Qualcomm as a company that has quietly built a flourishing business in the wearable tech segment.
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With its announcement of 100+ wearable products by the end of this year, with shipping across 30+ countries, Qualcomm is ready to take the lead. The watch manufacturer Nixon is the latest example of another company using Qualcomm technology.
Motorola, Samsung, LG, and Huawei, with their Android Wear smartwatches, have Qualcomm chipsets as well, most of them based on the first generation of Snapdragon 400 processor.
If less than a year ago it looked like Intel was taking over most wearable tech segments, from fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses, headsets, accessories, to smart clothing and fashion, right now it looks like Qualcomm’s more committed to the wearables market.
Only the time will tell. Anyway, if you own an Intel Basis Peak smartwatch, stop using it and fill in the return forms on the recall website.