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Top 5 WearableTech Startups We Want To See In 2016


Top 5 WearableTech startups we want to see coming alive this year.
After a somehow sluggish end of 2015, the first part of this year got the wearable tech train back on the rails, in a “full steam ahead” momentum.  New product launches, amongst the expected ones, new mergers, investments and developments are heating up the map of wearable tech again.
Keeping updated with the increasing number of movements in the wearable tech landscape is time-consuming but that’s why we are here; find the best of the best, and bring them to your attention. Enough with the promo, let’s get to the top 5 wearabletech startups we want to see “hitting” the market in 2016. This is the April edition.

5. Top 5 WearableTech Startups – Motiv

Top WearableTech Startups 2016 - Motiv
Beginning with Motiv, in the fifth place, the San Francisco-based startup has raised more than $8.6 million in Series A funding for its so-called “micro-wearable” devices.
Conform to their official page, the startup is “pioneering” the next generation of wearable tech that can connect the human body with technology in magical ways. To our knowledge, both Saruman and Gandalf are not yet on the startups payroll but for sure the team has a solid background in hardware, design, software, and data science.
Not to be confused with the “team” behind the MotivBand that caused a storm in the wearables world almost a year ago. You can read more about that scandal here.

4. Top 5 WearableTech Startups – Withings

Top WearableTech Startups 2016 - Withings
On the fourth place comes Withings, a France wearables maker. Withings covers quite a big slice of the wearable tech market with its wide range of connected devices. The company designs and sells almost anything connected, from baby monitors to home security devices, and from smartwatches to elegant fitness trackers.
Since the startup brought the Android Wear features to “Activité”, its line of fitness watches, the business went from warm to hot and to “piping hot”, after Nokia bought the startup for $191 million a few days ago. Yes, the same ‘Symbian and Microsoft’ Nokia we know. Let’s hope that the saying “third time lucky” holds true this time.
Cedric Hutchings, the Co-founder and the CEO of Withings, said that the company will collaborate with Nokia in a joint digital healthcare initiative, focusing on patient care and preventive health.

3. Top 5 WearableTech Startups – Avegant

Top WearableTech Startups 2016 - Avegant Glyph headset
In third place, we find Avegant, the maker of Glyph, a portable entertainment headset with a virtual display embedded in the headband. Avegant raised a $24M Series B in Q3’15 from Intel Capital, amongst others.
Glyph, the company’s invention, is the world’s first personal, portable theatre. The device can deliver precise video and rich audio, thanks to the licensed “Retinal Imaging Technology.”

2. Top 5 WearableTech Startups – Athos

Top WearableTech Startups 2016 - Athos

Athos takes the second place in our top 5 wearabletech startups of 2016. Athos is a startup designing high-tech biometric clothes with the help of EMG tech (electromyography). The startup has raised $35.5 million in funding last year for its innovative ideas in fitness apparel.
The company’s smart outfits work in conjunction with a smartphone app. Live View – that’s how the app is called – gives you insights on how your muscles are firing and how advanced you are with your exercises. Together, the smart outfit and the app, can help you track your progress, set benchmarks and get the most out of your training sessions.

1. Top 5 WearableTech Startups – Magic Leap

Top WearableTech Startups 2016 - magic leap
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Leading our top 5 wearabletech startups in 2016, April edition, is Magic Leap. These A.R. pioneers have started with $542 million funding – Series B – in the fourth quarter of 2014, sum that was “augmented” in 2015, to a total of $793.5 million to date. Not bad huh?
Despite the company keeping quiet for some time, less than a week ago a new Magic Leap video surfaced and, if the “closed doors” talks in the industry come true, for Magic Leap, this year is going to be “That Year.”

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