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Sound Shirt – Wearable Tech Helps Deaf People Feel The Music


Sound Shirt – Wearable Tech Helps Deaf People Feel The Music
Cutecircuit has done it again. The London-based fashion tech company has just tested a new type of shirt that lets deaf people feel the music.
The garment is called the Sound shirt, and it is an alteration of another Cutecircuit concept called the Hug Shirt. The Jungen Symphoniker Hamburg, a German orchestra, commissioned and then purchased the Sound shirt.
The dress has many embedded actuators – little motors that vibrate, reflecting the intensity of the music. The shirt connects to a computer that gathers the audio data from the microphones located around the orchestra, on the stage.

Watch The Sound Shirt In The Video Below

“We mapped the body as a reflection of the musical changes. The bass notes down, in lower parts of the torso, and the lighter notes, further up on the body, around the neck area. While the wearer of the Sound shirt is listening to the orchestra, certain areas on the garment become more active than others”, said the Cutecircuit CEO, Ryan Genz.

The dress reacts to the music, taking the wearer on a tactile journey, bringing the notion of “listening” to another level.

Inspired by the Hug Shirt, the Sound shirt brings more than just another novelty feature to the nowadays garments.
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If the earlier prototypes were purchased by museums, telecom firms, research labs and now, orchestras, the CEO of Cutecircuit, thinks that there is a massive potential in using wearable technology to augment our senses. For example, using tactile sensors in the gaming industry to augment the player’s senses.

Just like Project Soli from Google that is working on developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. Soli’s sensors can track tiny, subtle motions, with very high accuracy. The smart, wearable tech fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into the garments of the future, just like the new dress from Cutecircuit.

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