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SAY Wearables – Integrating Social Media into Fashion-Forward Wearable-Tech


Integrating social media and wearable tech, SAY is the world’s first wearable social media platform. SAY is exciting a new generation of consumers seeking to express themselves outwardly and engage the world around them. SAY disrupts the wearables market by bringing customers the first platform that is “turning the screen around” to bridge their physical and digital worlds. SAY connects users with their favourite social media, artists, and influencers through an easy-to-use mobile app.
Uri Keren, CMO and co-founder of Say Wearables explains:

“We all wear jewellery, clothes and accessories that convey, ‘This is me!’ and reflect how we want the world to perceive us. With SAY, we go further by allowing people to create a digital message that they can wear. And, through the SAY social network, people can follow, comment on what others are saying, and even exchange wearable sayings.”

SAY devices are connected wearables with an outwards facing colour display that are embedded into compatible fashionable accessories and connected via Bluetooth to the SAY App.

Users create or import videos via the app and wear them on their connected SAY device to “SAY, Wear, Share”. Brands, celebrities and influencers engage their fans and followers by creating their SAY media channels that users can subscribe to and wear content from. The SAY platform produces a wide range of opportunities for marketers, developers and designers who can build exciting experiences.

“The Snapchat and Instagram generation have largely been ignored by wearables manufacturers. SAY’s social wearables enable the creativity and interactions which characterise the digital world of Generation Y to become a part of their physical landscape, to make wearables relevant,” says Uri Keren.

Over the last two and a half years, SAY’s team of experienced technology experts and young talents have developed a fashionable wearable which addresses the high human need for self-expression and social interaction. Backed by an international group of top angel investors and executives from Google, Facebook and Samsung, SAY is now in production with the SAY Necklace set to launch in October 2016.

SAY is available for pre-order, and early bird prices can be secured on the SAY website. Β The Kickstarter campaign launches in September.
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