A Modern Story Of Tailored Clothing Through Music, Fashion, And Technology


A modern story of tailored clothing through music, fashion, and technology. Just like music, fashion is a symbolic language through which we exhibit our personality, culture, and values. The relationship between the world of music and fashion has always resulted in the creation of new trends and styles.

However, anticipating one’s taste of fashion according to music preference is a novel and innovative way of looking at the connection between music and fashion.

Tailored Clothing By Eison Triple Thread Through Music Preference

By combining this novel perspective with the latest technology, the San Francisco based menswear brand Eison Triple Thread, founded by Julian Eison, has created an innovative method to produce tailored clothing.

Tailored Clothing By Eison Triple Thread

ETT adds users’ Spotify data through an App, called FITS, to the conventional demographic and lifestyle information provided by the customer, in order to improve personalised recommendations from its tailored clothing collection.

Tailored Clothing, Data Analysis, And Body Measurement

The company’s data analysis method is not just limited to music. Eison Triple Thread uses the existing real-world data of body measurements, body types, and figures to gain a better understanding of each unique customer.

Tailor Clothing - FITS app by Eison Triple Thread

By means of ‘Fit Harmony’ – an innovative method which uses cultural and demographic data to capture the measurements of the entire body – ETT is changing the way we shop online.

The Future Of Tailored Clothing

Combining the latest technology with core luxury values such as craftsmanship, exceptional quality and heritage, Eison Triple Thread is making tailored clothing more accessible, convenient, and at the same time more unique for each customer.

Tailor Clothing - Honest Luxury by Eison Triple Thread

Moreover, in harmony with the brand’s philosophy of “Honest Luxury”, ETT envisions a future in which innovation and technology enable luxury to embrace the notion of inclusion versus exclusion and serve a larger group of consumers, not only the exclusive segment of luxury buyers.

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