Robots In Fashion – Wardrobes That Sort And Fold Clothes


Robots In Fashion – Wardrobes That Fold Clothes. A quick preview of the robotic home appliances that fold and sort your laundry in the 21st century.

Robots In Fashion – Post Washing Machine Era

Somehow, the wonders of the technology age saved us from the drudgery of washing clothes by hand, but not from folding them. Until now. Thanks to robotics and machine learning, the fashion industry is permeated at its deepest levels. A new type of machine that can catalogue, sort, steam, perfume and fold your freshly washed garments has been developed.

These wardrobe robots ranging between $600 and $20,000 are equipped with rows of trays, smart sensors, and robotic arms. Once put into the machine, the AI recognises the type of garment and instructs specific robotic arms to fold the clothes accordingly, and then store them in the appropriate location.

Robots In Fashion – FoldiMate

FoldiMate, an American company, has unveiled a three-foot-high robot that takes crumpled trousers, shirts, jackets and tops and ‘spits’ them out folded and ready to wear.

The process takes about 10 seconds to fold individual garments and the machine has a capacity of 20 pieces of clothing at a time. At the end of the process, the completed clothes are released stored in a neat pile. However, some items of apparel and fabrics can’t be folded with the robot, such as underwear or very large items.

Robots In Fashion – ThreadRobe

A more advanced wardrobe robot was designed by a D.C.-based startup, and suggestively named ‘ThreadRobe’. The robot can automatically identify, separate and store clothes. Moreover, when required it dispenses them in complete outfits via an app on your tablet or smartphone.

Threadrobe isn’t cheap, but it’s also not outlandishly expensive for what it does. The robotic version that stores 100 items is priced at $3,700, and the big capacity that stores 200 items sells for $4,200.

Robots In Fashion – Laundroid

But, the most expensive wardrobe robot to date is ‘Laundroid’. Designed by a group of Japanese firms this smart machine is able to wash, dry and fold clothes.
Laundroid also consists of three technologies: computer vision, artificial intelligence, and robotics, hidden inside a luxurious design styled like Italian classic furniture, made of leather, wood, and glass. The materials luxurious to reflect the price point as the base robot starts at $16,000.

While I doubt that someone who can afford to blow $16,000 on home appliances does own laundry and homework tasks, the company states that almost 500 people have signed up to purchase a Laundroid robot for their homes.