Digital Fashion Models Take Over Balmain’s Pre-Fall 2018 Collection


So here it is, another prediction about digital fashion models coming true. Balmain is launching its latest fashion campaign with digital fashion models rather than just ‘in real life’ (IRL) ones. Olivier Rousteing, a French fashion designer and creative director at Balmain has appointed digital fashion models for the brand’s pre-fall 2018 campaign. The virtual models are set in poses depicting iconic creations of the brand.

Rousteing has requested Cameron-James Wilson’s help to create the digital fashion models, and adorn them with Balmain’s pre-fall 2018 collection of garments, but again, in digital format.

“We reached out to Cameron-James Wilson, to help us construct a virtual army of digital fashion models for Balmain,” said Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director.

Cameron-James Wilson is a world renown photographer for his ‘Shudu’ creation, the world’s first digital fashion supermodel.

For Balmain, Wilson has designed two more digital fashion models, called Zhi and Margot. Rousteing points out to Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie, as the influencers in the creation of Balmain’s digital fashion models. Rousteing describes Zhi as a Chinese beauty modelled after David Bowie.

“Zhi is aiming, with her short haircut, for a very ‘rock-and-roll’ look”, says Rousteing.

Margot, on the other hand, is a French girl which reminds Rousteing someone from his childhood dreams.

Digital Fashion Models - balmain margot and zhi

The digital models are going to be ‘dressed’ in digitally constructed garments designed to mirror – to perfection – Balmain’s pre-fall 2018 haute couture collection.

Digital Fashion Models - balmain margot
Digital Fashion Models - balmain zhi
Digital Fashion Models - balmain
Could Balmain’s choice for digital fashion models signal a trend pointing to the end of IRL fashion models? Would love to hear your take on this matter in the comments box below.

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