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Amazon Wearable Technology – A story by the fashion retail team. A couple of years ago ‘wearables’ hit the market like a hailstorm. Smartwatches, smartglasses, AR and VR headgear, smart rings, ‘hearables’ and all assortments of connected chipsets and intelligent sensors built into clothes and accessories. The wearables market seemed unstoppable after being estimated, at that time, to become a $70 billion market by 2024, according to IDTechEx.

Moreover, the constant development of AR points to the adoption of wearable technology in the fashion industry. The trend is driven by large tech companies, known for their open approach to innovation and development, such as Amazon and Alibaba.

Alibaba and amazon team up in wearable technology
To these corporate giants, wearable technology ups their ability to measure the entire workflow and its overall productivity on the go. All data collected from these wearable devices provides these companies with a new level of employee insight unseen before.

Healthier Approaches With Wearable Technology

The department in charge of fashion retail at Amazon is well equipped with the latest wearables. Amazon wearable technology infrastructure gathers tremendous amounts of information surrounding employee’s daily routine, processing the data in real time and delivering the benefits to Amazon’s workforce as predictive analytics and forecasts.

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on 1,000 U.S. adults, 77 per cent of respondents stated that one of the most important benefits of Amazon wearable technology is its potential to make employees more efficient and more productive at work. Forty-six per cent said they think companies should invest in wearable technology for their employees.

At Amazon, the fashion retail department sees wearable technology as a great opportunity. Not only that their productivity as increased ten fold, but their health reports, as presented by the AI system allows for the best choices possible.
amazon wearable technology used by a woman with a wearable scanner

Amazon Wearable Technology – Infrastructure With AI

The information gathered by Amazon with wearables improves productivity, increases employees’ engagement and lowers the number of sick-days employees used to take. The use of such data disrupts the existing benefits and rewards schemes.

Nowadays wearables allow employees to participate ‘hands-free’ in the meetings or while on the go, contributing further with real value for the organisation. It is not all about the real-time insights and information wearables can collect, it is also about freeing the human by creating more space and more time.

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At the same time, Amazon wearable technology allows the company to track any of its employee’s time, throughout the day, and gain a perfect picture of where and how their time is being spent. As such, the AI system quickly identifies any inefficiencies, providing both, the wearer and the company with relevant recommendations.

The results have an enormous impact on Amazon’s ROI. Moreover, it creates new ways to improve employees’ engagement based on individual and unique preferences and habits.

The AI analytics and real-time insights delivered by wearables trickle down to the on-boarding process. It allows for organisations that help employees integrate better into the company with orientation and training manuals preloaded onto their wearable device.

But the most popular theme with wearables at Amazon fashion retail department, at least among the employees, is the emphasis placed on the AI directed health programs.
Amazon-wearable-employee happy at the office

Built on previous wearable initiatives on health and biometrics, like weight loss and weight management, Amazon wearable technology and its health program go as far as tracking even its employee’s posture while sitting at their desks.

If incorrect, the AI suggests correcting the posture. If overweight, the AI might even suggest them to take the stairs instead of the lift. The best part? When the wearer complies gets rewards and bonuses, all based on the choices made.

A Recurring BYOD Nightmare?

Like all new technologies, there are security and privacy concerns with wearables as well. In fact, wearable technology has made this problem much more complex. According to the above mentioned PwC survey, 82 per cent of respondents are worried that wearables would invade their privacy. Another 86 per cent think that wearables would make them more vulnerable to data security breaches.

With a lost or stolen smartphone, personal information can be wiped off for good. While most wearables are still to offer this function, Amazon’s wearables are not BYOD (bring your own device) but Amazon’s, therefore, AI managed. If lost, the ‘all-seeing eye’ takes instant care of them.

Wearable tech taps into the most personal and sensitive information of an individual. In Amazon’s case, such depths are of tremendous help for both, the company and the employee.

However,when connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, outside of work, or when the online security practices are ignored, the employee’s wearable devices become susceptible to hacking. Pair that with the easy data-sharing capabilities and there is a major chance of sensitive business information ending up in the wrong hands.
amazon wearable technology used by a woman wearing vuzix ar glasses
Despite the initial headaches surrounding the introduction of new technology, Amazon wearable technology plays a very important role in the daily business practices at Amazon.

The implementation of such innovative, modern and engaging technology that enhances the business and employees’ experience was too big of an opportunity for the tech giant to pass up.

Wearables Tech Empowers The Entire Workforce

Wearable technology gives Amazon a more accurate glimpse into the workforce by offering new data on employee’s workday and their overall well-being. Amazon’s wearables benefit from the power of AI that ensures the devices are used in the correct manner and with the appropriate security measures.

As such wearable technology has become a formidable force at Amazon, that empowers the entire fashion retail department and improves the overall engagement by making Amazon’s employees happy, thus more efficient and productive at work.