3D Printing Fashion – Printing Our Clothes At Home


3D Printing Fashion – Printing Our Clothes At Home.
“As technologies evolve, we will soon be all printing our clothes at home.” These were Danit Peleg’s words after she created an entire garment using simple 3D printing technology accessible to anyone.
Peleg started by combining, mixing and experimenting with different types of materials and patterns. Also, collaborating with the teams at TechFactoryPlus and XLN she managed to create a full 3D printing fashion collection that took her over 2.000 hours to print in her “3D-printing farm” at home.
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It all started in September 2014 with some work for her fashion design degree at Shenkar. She called it the “graduation collection” without knowing how far she was going to go.

She began her adventure with 3D printing, a new technology to her. More than anything, she wanted to see if it is possible to create an entire garment using tech accessible to anyone.

Recreating The July Revolution of 1830 With 3D Printing Fashion

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Her inspiration was Eugène Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People” that she modified to look like a 3D picture. Liberty Leading the People is a painting by Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830, which resulted in the overthrow of King Charles Xth of France.
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Together with the TechFactoryPlus and XLN teams, she experimented with different printers and materials. Most of the materials she used at the beginning were hard, rigid and frail which is quite the opposite of a “real” textile.

However, soon she found a new material called FilaFlex that is strong, yet very flexible. Using FilaFlex and the Witbox printer, she was able to fulfill her dream and print her fashion collection.

“I designed my textiles and manufactured my clothes, all at home. I did not have to buy clothes that someone else designed and chose to sell.”

If you want to know the process Danit followed or to get in touch with her, here is the link to her official website.

3D Printing Fashion Gallery

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