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Digital Fashion Catwalk With AfroDigital Fabric By Siemens

AfroDigital Fabric is an event organised by Siemens in Johannesburg, combining data with fashion. Siemens has launched a new digital fashion project where complex city data is weaved into fashionable outfits with the aim, of telling compelling stories about each city and how digitalisation has transformed them.

Three African fashion designers were asked to design 12 fabulous outfits for the AfroDigital Fabric event, from data extracted from the cities of Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi.

AfroDigital Fabric - girls on stage

The intricate garments created by Palesa Mokubung from South Africa, John Kaveke representing Kenya and Zizi Cardow from Nigeria framework a wide variety of patterns. The AfroDigital Fabric event had creations showing road infrastructures, power grids, shipping and cargo routers, and even some of the most densely populated zones in each city, as extracted by Siemens and put into actionable data.

“As urbanisation rises fast, big cities are changing, as seen in the specific data infrastructures, beautifully depicted in these fashion garments. The AfroDigital Fabric shows how data from energy grids, water and transportation systems not only look amazing in fashion garments, but also can act as a reminder that we have to act now, before it is too late,” said the Group Communications Head for Siemens South Africa, Keshin Govender.

AfroDigital Fabric

Siemens’s AfroDigital Fabric event combines fashion, data, and smart technology to highlight how the accelerated digitalisation of the industrial world has become a force of change, for good and bad. Moreover, it shows how crucial the combined human data is, in creating connected and efficient future cities in Africa.

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AfroDigital Fabric - green dress

AfroDigital Fabric

AfroDigital Fabric catwalk

AfroDigital Fabric 3dprinter

AfroDigital Fabric model

AfroDigital Fabric city map

AfroDigital Fabric fashion material

AfroDigital Fabric - big city map

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