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Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand Aims To Make 3D Printed Shoe Mainstream

Eco-friendly Footwear Brand Aims To Make 3D Printed Shoe Mainstream

Eco-friendly footwear brand, Soak, aims to make 3D printed shoe mainstream by its new partnership with Cobbler Technologies, to reinforce the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

As the 3D printing technology continues to evolve, more and more industries would be able to benefit from the flexible manufacturing process the technology brings.

In particular, in fashion, where 3D printing has the potential to lift the design’s limitations, maximise customisation in production, and make zero-waste fashion a reality.

3D printed shoe by new 3d printing techniques

So far, the big players in the footwear market, such as Nike, have already embarked on using 3D printing techniques in the production of mainstream super functional 3D printed shoe, and now the technology is expanding to other segments.

Soak, An innovative American footwear company who creates recyclable and vegan sandals is teaming up with a 3D printer manufacturer, Cobbler Technologies, to deploy 3D printing in their manufacturing.

3d printed shoe to be introduced by Soak who creates recyclable and vegan sandals

Using 3D printing techniques allows Soak’s production to be much more adaptable and sustainable than the traditional mold injection method, at the same level of cost. The 3D printed shoe is going to be released by the end of the year. If you want to be part of our fashion tech club, have an eye on our website for more updates.

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