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Natalie Wilson
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Who would have thought that Zayn Malik style and outfits choice will, one day, rock ‘the streets of fashion’?

In some way, it makes sense, as vintage and patchwork is the latest obsession amongst celebrities.

Once considered as grandmothers’ mending speciality, patchwork has become super trendy nowadays.

And, at the forefront of this movement stands Zayn and his clothing styles, and you’re about to see why.

Zayn Malik Style

Emily Bode sustainable fashion designer at FW 2020-2021 show at Paris Fashion Week

Zayn Malik’s new favourite fashion lab is the Atlanta-born designer, Emily Adams Bode.

BODE repurposes heritage fabrics to create timeless luxury menswear.

Menswear fashion that also symbolises of millennial’s love for vintage fashion and it seems that Zayn Malik can’t get enough of it.

Celebrity-endorsed, socially and environmentally conscious, BODE made upcycled menswear a must-have at New York Fashion Week.

But, what makes BODE so appealing is not the designer’s choice of upcycled textiles, but the new culture of dressing.

According to the designer, BODE affects the way people dress as a whole:

“Their understanding of material culture, history, identity, domestic spaceā€.

Zayn Malik Obsession With Upcycled Clothes

Zayn Malik wearing BODE with Gigi Hadid

The British star has been spotted wearing BODE jackets several times more recently.

With his love for vintage patchwork fashion, Zayn Malik joins the list of A-class BODE fans.

So far, Jordan Peele, Donald Glover, Ezra Miller, and even Zayn ex-colleague singer, Harry Styles, have expressed their love for BODE.

Zayn Malik wearing BODE upcycled jacket with Gigi Hadid

BODE’s vintage jacket is lovely matched with a simple T-shirt in white, a pair of casual sneakers, also in white, and a distressed pair of blue jeans.

Commenting on his look, one of Zayn’s followers said on Instagram:

“His effortless vintage look seems the best way to win over his former girlfriends, Gigi Hadid.”


Zayn Malik wearing BODE shirt with Gigi Hadid

Some critics say that, as a celebrity that creates trends, Zayn Malik’s choice for BODE signals a fashion change.

As such, conscious fashion trends such as vintage and upcycled fashion are the looks to wear in 2020 and beyond.

Zayn Malik wearing BODE upcycled vintage shirt

If that’s true, everybody will benefit from this small change:

  • Fashion designers, as creating with upcycled textiles gives them new design possibilities.
  • The environment, as using upcycled materials reduces fashion waste.
  • And, the buyers of fashion as we can express our sustainable values while looking good.

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