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Vegan Shoes From Sustainable Materials – So you are a conscious consumer, vegetarian or vegan that cares about the animals and the environment. However, your old shoes are worn out, and you need something to wear. You go shopping only to notice, with sadness, that most shoes are still made from animal skin. Let that be your only worry. You are now where you need to be as WTVOX has prepared a top 5 vegan shoes you can buy right now.

As the apparel industry remains plagued by environmental, human rights and animal welfare abuses, this selection is the perfect choice for conscious consumers like you.

From sustainable materials such as algae, fungi, cork, in-lab leather and other innovative textiles, these shoes are not only making you feel better but save our planet. Moreover, in this ‘Top 5 vegan shoes’, WTVOX did not forget about your favourite fashion style.

1. Hugo Boss Pinatex Vegan Sneakers

One of the latest fashion brands to pay attention to the growing demand for vegan shoes is Hugo Boss. The company now offers high-quality low-top vegan shoes crafted in 100% vegan Pinatex material by BOSS, presented in a recyclable and biodegradable box.

vegan shoes - hugo boss pinatex shoes

These vegan shoes made of pineapple leaf fibres converted into an innovative leather-alternative material called Pinatex.

The material is animal-free as pineapple leaves are a byproduct of fruit harvesting, and finished with a plant-based dye, with no further resources are required to produce Pinatex.

With uppers crafted from Pinatex, laces from organic cotton, outsole from recycled TPU and breathable lining in cotton and linen, this Italian-made pair embodies both impeccable style and ethical responsibility in true fashion.

2. Po-Zu Sneak C

These vegan shoes from Po-Zu are 100% from natural materials. In fact, in all of the production of their vegan shoes, Po-Zu uses renewable local manufacturing resources to reduces carbon footprint. Also, the company uses only toxic dyes and pesticide-free technologies.

These linen vegan shoes featuring silver Pinatex toe cap and heel counter, a removable memory-foam ‘Foot-Mattress’, completed in fairtrade latex and cork, and GOTS certified organic cotton.
vegan shoes - po-zu sneak c
The removable memory-foam ‘Foot-Mattress’ is made from an innovative Coir fibre, obtained from coconut husk and handled to give the shoes a super super-pliable and comfy mattress-like feel.

Coir fibre is heat and water-resistant, provides proper ventilation and insulating, and on the top of all, it is a former waste product.

3. Noah Catherine Vegan Flats

Noah vegan shoes use innovative materials such as microsuede, micronappa organic hemp, linen, cotton, and cork, all concocted in Italian craftsmanship companies aiming to design and create high aesthetics vegan shoes.

Noah Catherine vegan shoes are lightweight, breathable, water repellent and hypoallergenic, and zero animal ingredients. While similar to leather, both Micronappa and Microsuede are superior products, composed of ultra-fine polyester fibres.
vegan shoes - noah catherine flats
The fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch yet durable, breathable and easy to clean. Unlike leather, both materials are waterproof.

The shoe soles are made from cork, a blend of natural rubber and recycled materials. These vegan shoes are an excellent match with your blue/black office outfit. Easy to wear, comfortable, it will make your long day easy and enjoyable.

4. Ahimsa Paola Vegan Shoes

The word ‘ahimsa’ comes from Jainism and means a desire to protect any life forms, non-injury, and non-violence. For that, most vegan and conscious consumers, that practice nonviolence, draw inspiration from the principles of ‘ahimsa’.
vegan shoes - ahimsa paola shoes
Ahimsa, a Brazilian vegan brand, has learned to channels this concept to perfection. Ahimsa Paola White vegan shoes are made with eco-friendly and vegan materials such as recycled cotton, recycled PET bottle, reclaimed textiles and wood, natural cork and leftover materials from the production process.

These shoes are excellent for casual evenings, well-matched with rolled-up blue jeans or white miniskirts.

5. Nae Airbag Vegan Shoes

Nae is an animal-free Portuguese footwear company that is using innovative materials to create vegan shoes.

Their vegan shoes are made from some of the most unusual materials such as recycled PET from discarded plastic bottles, recycled car tyres, recycled thermoplastics, OEKO-TEX certified microfibres, pineapple leaf fibre, natural cork, and even car airbags.
vegan shoes - nae airbag shoes
Nae Airbag collection is handmade. The upper is made from recycled car airbags, linning from anti-allergy microfibre, and the soles are from recycled tyres by Goodyear.

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So, don’t let the name vegan shoes put you off. They are as comfortable and durable as any other quality shoes produced by big brands, but without killing animals and exploiting the environment.

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    Good vegan selections and more firms focus on doing good this days