Vegan Loewe? Signs of A Modern Interpretation Of Luxury

Katherine Saxon

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Are we seeing signs of a modern interpretation of luxury, this time with vegan Loewe?

Founded in 1846, Loewe is a Spanish luxury fashion house that has just clocked 175 years in the market of personal luxury goods and fashion.

As one of the oldest and biggest luxury houses in the world, the brand has gone through significant changes, along the years.

But in the process, the Spanish luxury house has managed to maintain its originality and luxurious image.

The brand has begun as a leather artisan company, slowly expanding into fashion couture.

Nowadays, the brad markets ready-to-wear fashion, accessories, jewellery, watches, and even perfumes.

Loewe fashion couture

Loewe is also known as the Spanish Hermes, for blending the beautiful Spanish culture in its creations.

The brand is also known for material innovations, unique brand identity and constant design updates, reinterpreted to suit modern culture.

Such developments have culminated with the brand’s ranking as a patron of traditional fashion designs.

Loewe history and establishment

History of Loewe

It all began in the city of Madrid in the year 1846, when a group of local leather artisans joined forces to provide quality articles at competitive prices.

However, the Loewe brand was founded later on in 1876, when Enrique Loewe Y Roessberg, a designer of German origin, joined the group of artisans.

Loewe craftsmanship

Shortly after, Loewe became very popular among the royal family.

Recognising the great works of Loewe, King Alfonso XIII granted Enrique Loewe Y Hinton, a descendant of the original brand founder, the title of Purveyor to the Royal Court.

The brand gathered a vast network of followers, from Sophia Loren to the famous writer and Nobel prize winner Ernest Hemingway, and the celebrated German actress, Marlene Dietrich.

The reputation of the company grew over the years, and today Loewe is a leading multinational luxury brand, with stores all over the world.

Loewe modern luxury fashion

Loewe Jonathan Anderson

Nowadays, the brand’s masterful exclusive designs are produced by Loewe’s creative designer, Jonathan Anderson.

Anderson is a 29 years old Irish designer that has joined the brand in 2013.

Ever since the Irish designer has delivered several unexpected (but positive) transformations.

Loewe Jonathan Anderson

With a unique approach to craftsmanship and brand identity, Anderson has brought a fresh, conscious feel to the Loewe brand.

To date, the designer has been pushing not only for new designs – for its handbags and attires – but also for the next generation of cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials.

Rewarded in 2015 as ‘The Best Designer of the Year” by the ‘British Fashion Awards’, Anderson plans to take Loewe to new heights of sustainable fashion.

A Vegan Loewe line?

Vegan Loewe collection

It remains to be seen how Anderson is going to shift the brand towards a more conscious and modern approach to fashion.

Let’s not forget that Loewe is known for its original aesthetic and luxurious leather products.

Vegan Loewe collection

For example, the ever so famous ‘Loewe Amazona’ bag.

Initially handcrafted from yellow suede leather and nowadays made from rare animal skins, can we see this bag made of vegan leather?

As a bag that’s making history since 1975, it’ll be amazing if the designer recreates the design with vegan materials, to match the contemporary vibe and cultural movements.

I, personally, would love a vegan Loewe Amazona bag!

Galeria Loewe – signalling the future

Galeria Loewe collection

Launched in 2012 in Barcelona, Galeria Loewe is a superb piece of architecture and artisanal work, showcasing Loewe’s love for art and traditional culture.

Strategically located in the chic Passeig de Gracia, the gallery has a significant part dedicated to the brand’s history with artisanal leather manufacturing.

But, it also hosts a part dedicated to its Spanish fashion heritage and a glimpse into what’s coming, in a rare combination of modernity with traditional fashion culture.

The question remains: are we going to see, anytime soon, vegan Loewe bags or accessories?

Can the Irish designer take this unique opportunity and reinvent the concept of luxury, to match contemporary times?

Comments below, please.

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