Topshop Vegan Footwear Collection Launching This Easter


Topshop vegan footwear collection launching this Easter. Given the growing popularity of cruelty-free fashion, another fashion retailer has joined the trend and launched its inaugural vegan shoe collection.

Veganism continues to skyrocket, and according to Edited, a retail technology and data company, there is a 52% rise in the sale of products described as ‘vegan’.

Credited as the driving force behind meat-free consumption, is the millennial generation, as the more aware of environmental and welfare issues when shopping.

Handmade in Spain, Topshop’s vegan shoe collection is PETA-approved, and it comprises six textures of snakes, croc, nude, featured in various palettes, such as neutral, toffee, orange, black and white.

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Maddy Evans, fashion director at Topshop, said in a recent press release:

“We are excited to be launching our first vegan collection this April and can’t wait to see how buyers respond to the new collection. It remains to be seen how far we can push vegan products across our accessories offering.”

The new line of vegan shoes will be delivered in vegan boxes as well, made with 100 per cent non-animal and non-fish glues. The prices for Topshop’s vegan collection range from 75 to 100 US dollars and you can order yours here.