Top 5 Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses Brands To Stand Out This Summer

Mandy Meyer
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As sustainable wooden sunglasses are becoming the ‘next big thing’ this summer, the number of brands changing to wood is on the rise. Still, there’s a catch here.

Plastic is gradually removed from the manufacturing and packaging of glasses. Replaced by wood, bamboo, and other ‘living’ materials that have their own odours, able to breathe and age with the wearer.

However, from the many labels that jumped on the wood-based sunglasses trend, very few are eco-friendly. The best example is Armani.

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The Italian brand uses with preponderance hardwoods such as Rosewood and Zebrawood in their frames. But very few shoppers know that both, Rosewood and Zebrawood are on the brink of extinction.

We believe there’s no need to destroy the forests or jeopardise the existence of rare species of trees to look good. There are better, simpler ways out there and we’re here to help with an exquisite selection of sustainable wooden sunglasses you can wear this summer.

1. Sticks & Sparrow Wooden Sunglasses

Sticks and Sparrow sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

The Australian brand uses plant-based acetate teamed up with globally sourced sustainable bamboo to create some of the best handmade frames in the business.

Sticks & Sparrow frames are carefully treated with tints, stains and polishes to bring out an extra depth of colour and contrast, for natural beauty and style with an environmental conscience.

All sunglasses are fitted with 100% UV protection and scratch resistant lenses, packaged in individual microfiber pouches, and enclosed in protective pressed cork hard cases with a beautiful gold fleck.

Sticks and Sparrow Element Gold Leaf wooden sunglasses

Our favourite pair of shades from Sticks & Sparrow for this summer is the highly glamourous ELEMENT Gold Leaf. These luxury-class sunglasses feature a gold double top bar and embedded gold leaves into the plant-based acetate frames, making them a unique green fashion statement.

2. Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

The company handcrafts eyewear from sustainably-sourced wood, cotton-based acetate, recycled aluminium, and re-purposed skateboard decks.

Proof Eyewear logo is a bird which symbolises: ‘Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help.’

Founded in 2010 by three brothers, Proof Eyewear is now a leader in sustainable eyewear giving back 12% of their profits to non-profit organisations from all over the world.

Proof Eyewear Scout Eco wooden sunglasses

Our choice for sustainable shades are the oversizes Scout Eco. Part of the ‘Environmentally Conscious Optics’ collection, the frames are fully renewable, biodegradable and hypoallergenic, hand made from high-quality recycled wood & cotton-based acetate, and matched with excellent polarised lenses.

3. Shwood Wooden Sunglasses

Shwood sustainable wooden sunglasses

Founded in 2009, Shwood was one of the pioneers in the business of wooden sunglasses.

In its attempt to create unique products, the company has re-engineered its manufacturing process from the ground up, which has allowed constant experimentations with innovative materials and designs.

Ever since, the company has introduced over 15 original materials in the eyewear industry, from wood to stabilised seashells and oxidised metals.

Shwood Canby Stone Sunglasses

Our choice from Shwood is their Canby Stone Sunglasses, a unique model made from genuine slate stone on the exterior and premium walnut on the interior, in a classic wayfarer style evoking luxurious aesthetics and refined craftsmanship.

4. WearPanda Wooden Sunglasses

Wear Panda sustainable wooden sunglasses

WearPanda is one of the most eco-friendly wooden sunglasses labels in the world.

Started in 2012 via Kickstarter with a goal met in 3 days, the company has pledged to always use only sustainable and kind to the environment materials while giving back to those in need with each sale.

Ever since, Panda is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and helped ‘Optometry Giving Sight’ screen nearly 4 million people, deliver more than 27,000 pairs of glasses, and support 16 optical labs and 116 optometry students in 39 countries.

Panda’s glasses are from100% sustainable bamboo, balanced with sustainable Portuguese cork, and recycled metal, encased in natural, reusable bamboo cases.

Wear Panda Hepburn wooden sunglasses

Our Panda favs are the timeless Hepburn, with their show-stopping features. The prominent curves of the circular lenses make them ideal for softening triangle, diamond, and heart-shaped faces.

5. Moat House Eyewear

Moat House sustainable wooden sunglasses

This British heritage infused manufacturer of wooden sunglasses makes all their frames by hand using only 100% certified, sustainable wood. The brand’s devotion to quality and sustainability puts these frames in a league of their own.

Wherever possible, Moat House Eyewear reclaims timber to bring back to life old wood. Moreover, the label is part of a tree replanting scheme that sees them plant a tree in the rainforest for every pair of sold sunglasses.

Moat House Godiva wooden sunglasses

Our choice from Moat House is the dramatic and extravagant looking Godiva. Made from African blackwood and oak, these sunglasses are named after Lady Godiva who once owned the land where the Moat House now sits.

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Handmade by experts in Derbyshire, England, assuring the highest standard of craftsmanship you would expect from a British manufacturer, these ‘Cat’s Eye’ style wooden sunglasses are an absolute statement for those who don’t follow the herd!

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