Top 5 Vegan Clothing Brands Emerging From Paris

Ana Alves

Vegan clothing brands are taking over the fashion landscape. Paris, the capital of France has always been at the forefront of the vegan movement. Now, once again, Paris is establishing itself as the capital of vegan fashion.

With the rise of vegan awareness on the internet, a growing number of consumers are choosing fashion brands which have completely excluded animal products, such as fur, silk, leather, wools, from their production lines.

Vegan clothing brands from Paris

Moreover, given its amazing designs and materials, vegan fashion is becoming popular among the ‘classic’ lovers of fashion.

It has become evident that vegan fashion is no longer just for vegans. And, fashion designers are responding favourably to the growing vegan culture, especially in Paris, the capital of vegan fashion. Time to check out the top 5 most popular vegan clothing brands in Paris.

1. Minuit Sur Terre

Vegan shoes and bags by Minuit Sur Terre from Paris

The brand’s name, “Minuit Sur Terre”, means “Midnight On Earth”. It is a line from the movie Cinderella in which we experience how glass slippers can change a life.

Minuit Sur Terre has a very interesting story behind. Its founder, Marie Viard Klein, has an obsession with stylish shoes while being a devoted vegan. However, she couldn’t find any vegan stylish shoes in the large mass of labels which didn’t use animal products.

Vegan shoes and bags by Minuit Sur Terre from Paris

This was a problem Marie went on to solve, and she took it as an opportunity to create her own brand. Now, Minuit Sur Terre makes only vegan shoes for women which flaunt girls’ ankles and make them look beautiful.

The materials used in these shoes are animal-free, environment-friendly, and designed to give a tough competition to all luxury shoes on the market. Moreover, Minuit Sur Terre has become a symbol of quality, traditional style, and high respect for workers.

2. La Seine & Moi

Vegan fur coats by La Seine & Moi

There are vegan furs which are as warm and stylish as animal furs, and the idea of making jackets, coats and accessories with these vegan furs came into the mind of a young journalist, Lydia Bahia.

Her vast travelling experience had also taught her a lot about the styles of New, York, Paris and London, but it had also forced her to wish she could wear lighter clothes.

Vegan fur coats by La Seine & Moi

And there she was, combining her idea, experience and wish to bring out her brand “La Seine & Moi”. La Seine & Moi now has a wide range of jackets, coats and accessories made of colourful and soft fur.

These are Paris-made and they deliver true value while saving our animals and the rights of our workers.

3. 1083

Vegan clothing and jeans by 1083

1083 is a denim jeans brand started by a fashion entrepreneur, Thomas Huriez, and his brother in 2013. The brand name, 1083 is actually the distance between two farthest villages, Manton and Prospoder, in France.

The brand manufactures all types of jeans from organic cotton, following stylish cuts that are deep-seeded in French fashion. All of their jeans are made in France and without any animal materials.

4. Poetique Paris

Vegan luxury collection by Poetique Paris

Two best friends, Pauline and Cattley, happened to share the same love for luxury fashion and a deep concern towards animal sufferings.

They dreamt of buying stylish skirts, shoes, and shorts without feeling guilty for knowing innocent animals are suffering. Thus, they decided to start a fashion brand which respected the workers’ rights and where all materials were vegan.

Vegan luxury clothing by Poetique Paris

Soon enough, the Poetique Paris brand was born. Poetique Paris manufactures scalloped shorts, trapeze shirts, and perfecto blouson. Moreover, despite using no animal products, these products are far more stylish than their leather competitors.

5. Jean Louis Mahe

Vegan bags by Jean Louis Mahe

Virginia Barbier is the founder of Jean Louis Mahe. Virginia was never interested in the vegan movement and initially, she worked in the smartphone industry.

Although, after noticing the extent of exploitation of animals and the planet are exposed to, in the name of fashion, she started her own brand.

Vegan bags by Jean Louis Mahe

Jean Louis Mahe is a Parisian brand that makes beautiful bags, free from any animal materials, of excellent style and durability.

Hope you like our top 5 Parisian vegan clothing brands. Looking forward to your comments below, and your proposition of more amazing brands marching for a better world.

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