Top 7 High Tech Sneakers Ever Released (2020 Update)

Eamon Kunze
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After smartwatches and mixed-reality eyewear, high tech sneakers are the next wave of products taking great strides (excuse the pun) in ‘connected’ fashion.

Often sporting futuristic looks, high tech sneakers are embedded with smart technology.

The embedded technology allows for self-lacing and state of the art customisation, such as face-changing, all via your smartphone.

In this article, I am going to share with you 7 of the best tech sneakers of 2020.

Let’s step right into the future, with style.

7. Nike Adapt BB

Nike Adapt BB high tech sneakers

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 (not in the pic above) are selling at £299,99.

Nike Adapt BB sneakers are built using the brand’s latest ‘FitAdapt’ technology.

Nike’s FitAdapt technology allows you to adjust the shoe to your foot, all from ‘Nike Adapt’ app on your smartphone.

Nike Adapt BB high tech sneakers

Nike Adapt BB version 1.0.

The level of ‘snugness’ can be changed via the app or from physical buttons located on the midsoles of these high tech sneakers.

Overall, these innovative sneakers deliver a highly comfortable and personalised experience.

Nike Adapt BB high tech sneakers

Nike Adapt BB version 1.0 on a wireless charging plate.

Moreover, according to the company, further firmware updates will allow for further improvements relating to flexibility, safety, and more.

6. Puma LQD Cell Origin AR

Puma LQD Cell high tech Sneakers

First-generation of Puma LQDCell sneakers.

Puma’s LQD Cell Origin AR sneakers are the first high tech sneakers to make full use of ‘augmented reality’ technology.

The sneakers are entirely covered in 2D QR codes that allow the wearer to experience unique augmented reality environments.

PUMA 'LQD Cell Origin Air' VR sneakers


To use the AR feature, you have to download the Puma LQD Cell app from either the App Store or Google Play.

Then, you’ll have to scan any of the QR codes with your smartphone.

Each code holds a surprise, such as games, filters and fun effects.

LQD CELL Origin AR is Puma’s answer to a world in which the line between reality and the virtual realm becomes increasingly blurred”, reads Puma’s launching statement.

Puma LQD Cell Origin AR Sneakers

Puma LQDCell Origin Sneakers with AR technology.

However, as Puma’s AR sneakers are limited-edition, it’ll be almost impossible to find one on available now.

If you do, please let me know as I’d love to get my hands on this unique piece of footwear history.

5. Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

HyperAdapt 1.0 high tech sneakers by nike

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 in black.

The most expensive sneakers on this list (available for about £500o on Farfetch), HyperAdapt 1.0 are an excellent example of high tech sneakers from Nike.

These beauties were specially designed for high-performance athletes who hate doing their laces every day.

HyperAdapt 1.0 high tech sneakers by nike

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 in white.

The sneakers are packed with innovative technology but the most obvious one is the self-tying function.

The lacing works based on smart sensors measuring the wearer’s leg size and level of comfort.

The system is battery-powered and the sneakers have indicator lights on the size.

4. Shiftwear Customisable Sneakers

Shiftwear high tech sneakers

Shiftwear’s high tech customisable sneakers – prototype.

I’ve added these shoes to my list as, while the project never materialised, the company made the world’s 1st prototype of customisable high tech sneakers.

Shiftwear’s innovative features allowed the wearer to change the sneakers’ look with the help of a smartphone.

The ‘eye taking’ innovation was comprised of a full HD colour display, placed at the rear panel of the sneakers.

As the screen was linked to a smartphone, the user could change the colour of the sneakers, whenever and wherever needed.

Imagine the power of matching your shoes with any item in your wardrobe; a green tracking suit in the morning and a red dinner dress, later in the day.

Unfortunately, Shiftwear has never launched its innovative sneakers, despite the huge hype on social media and massive funding round on Indiegogo.

3. Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist

ArchiTech Futurist 3d printed sneakers by Under Armour

First-generation of ArchiTech Futurist – black with white 3D printed soles.

ArchiTech Futurist high tech sneakers were some of the first shoes with 3D printed heels.

Thanks to their unique design, these are the most futuristic-looking shoes on my list.

The heel’s interesting lattice pattern makes them stand out from a distance.

Unfortunately, ArchiTech Futurist was produced is a limited batch and are very hard to find right now.

2. Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 3

SpeedForm Gemini 3 running sneakers by Under Armour

SpeedForm Gemini 3 – dedicated to runners, packed with smart sensors.

Under Armour’s SpeedForm Gemini 3 are making this list of high tech sneakers thanks to the wide array of smart sensors installed in the soles.

Equipped with GPS and other biometric sensors, Gemini 3 sneakers can track your miles, jumping level, workout plans, routes taken, jogging metrics and much more.

Moreover, all collected parameters are available as a detailed report on the MapMyRun smartphone application.

1. Adidas SpeedFactory AM4LDN

SpeedFactory AM4LDN running sneakers by adidas

Adidas Speedfactory AM4LDN.

Forecasting what’s about to come – in the realm of textile innovation – Adidas is a step ahead of the game.

The German’s company latest high tech shoes, SpeedFactory AM4LDN, are designed for speed.

The most amazing technology these sneakers comprise comes in the shape of lightweight soles.

Manufactured from state of the art materials, Adidas AM4LDN will give you the feeling of walking on air.

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