Swarovski Partnering With Qualcomm, Google On An Android Wear Smartwatch


Swarovski will soon join the smartwatch market thanks to a partnership with Qualcomm and Google — but we won’t learn more until the “smartwatch for her” is unveiled at Baselworld 2017 in Switzerland.
Qualcomm and Swarovski offered a teaser of the announcement at CES 2017, and what we know at this point is that the smartwatch will pack a Qualcomm processor. While it’s Swarovski’s first smartwatch, the company has collaborated with Misfit and Huawei in the past on devices such as the Huawei Watch Ladies. It looks like Swarovski will continue to target women with the watch, as it does with most of its products.

It’s unclear if the newly announced Snapdragon 835 will be in the Swarovski watch, but Qualcomm does have its processor line solely for wearables — perhaps we’ll see a newer model of the Wear 2100 at Mobile World Congress.

This year is a big one for Android Wear due to the anticipated release of Android Wear 2.0, which will feature a major revamp of the operating system. Hardly any Android Wear watches were released in 2016, and the smartwatch market, in general, is in decline. But Google is optimistic and is expected to release its smartwatches this year alongside the launch of 2.0. We can expect to see more smartwatches with 2.0 from other manufacturers in the coming months as well.

Android Wear 2.0 features stand-alone apps that do not require the phone to be connected, access to the Google Play Store, support for NFC payments and Android Pay, Assistant integration on select devices, and more.
Baselworld 2017, the annual watch and jewellery trade show, takes place in March — so you’ll have to sit tight until then to learn more about Swarovski’s first smartwatch.
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