Sustainable Luxury Brands – Ten Popular High End Designers In 2021

Mandy Meyer
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What’s new about luxury brands? Well, now in 2021, sustainable luxury is the ultimate luxury!

Every year over a billion rabbits are killed for their skins and one hundred million animals for their fur, in the name of fashion.

How reasonable is it to put other sentient beings through horrific suffering for your shoes, bag, or leather jacket?

How normal is it to inflict pain, to torture and kill them, for our selfish urge to wear the latest looks and styles?

If you too feel like the time for a change has come, better check out our top ten cruelty-free fashion designers changing the world of fashion.

1. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney leading the conscious luxury movement

There’s no way a list of cruelty-free fashion designers can start without the pioneer of the movement, Stella McCartney.

The British designer has changed the way we think about fashion, from manufacturing to procuring, from the materials she uses, up to a highly ethical approach to labor.

Stella’s passion to change the fashion industry for the better is finally materializing, as she no longer fighting alone, for people, nature, and animals.


Conscious Luxury Fashion Vegan luxury bags by OSIER

Osier is the creation of Theresa Jentzsch, a prominent designer with an exquisite taste for luxury fashion.

The designer blends cruelty-free materials with innovative designs, in the ‘next generation’ of conscious luxury aimed at re-writing the concept of luxury.

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All Osier products are made in Italy only from eco-conscious materials, luxuriously soft ‘vegan leathers’, and reclaimed lining fabrics.

Moreover, the brand uses organic cotton dust bags and their packaging is 100% recycled with no plastic in sight!

3. Ballūta

Conscious Luxury Fashion cruelty free luxury shoes by Balluta

Ballūta is a footwear brand connecting fashion with consciousness and art.

The choice for the name Ballūta comes from the archaic origin of the Portuguese word for oak nut’ bolota’, the fruit of the majestic cork oak tree.

“It symbolises ‘the better way’ and represents our belief in luxurious and yet, conscious fashion,” said Catarina Pedroso, the founder and designer of the brand.

Each Ballūta creation is handmade in Portugal and crafted from carefully sourced high-end vegan materials.

All shoes are eco-friendly and made with great care for the livelihood of families who, for generations, keep and care for their surrounding landscape.

4. La Llama

Conscious Luxury Fashion LA LLAMA conscious luxury collection

Meaning ‘the flame’ in Spanish, the label’s bespoke outfits are designed to fit the fiery.

La Llama’ is the creation of Lydia Cooper, which drew inspiration from the hedonism of the 60s and 70s to reimagine vintage styles and designs into unique garments that are fun yet elegant.

Acutely aware of the negative impact fashion is having on the world, the brand uses only sustainable materials.

Moreover, with a fully transparent production line, this luxury brand celebrates craftsmanship in general and British artisans in particular.

5. Rêve de Rive

Conscious Luxury Fashion Black Sustainable luxury swimwear by Reve De Rive

Hailing from the chic city of Geneva and founded by designer Lauren Amelia Bernacchio-Berteletti, Rêve de Rive is a swimwear brand of vibrant, bold, and unique designs.

The label has an unmistakable modern twist, loved by connaisseurs from the private resorts of St-Tropez to the sunkissed shores of Dubai.

Rêve de Rive’s sustainable swimwear is handmade, with each piece crafted and stitched by artisans, using carefully sourced eco-friendly Italian fabric.

“Luxury for us is also defined by the fabrics we use. That’s why our creations feel like silk against the skin,” says founder Lauren Amelia Bernacchio-Berteletti.

6. Adelaide C.

Conscious Luxury Fashion Adelaide C. vegan luxury handbags

The brand was born in 2014 by the idea of sharing a personal vision of what’s luxury fashion, in the eyes of the Sardinian designer Adelaide Carta.

To Adelaide, there is no luxury unless it is cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and ethically correct produced.

All of the brand’s creations benefit from the famous Italian heritage, the use of premium vegan materials, and the craftsmanship of local artisans.

Adelaide C. is an emerging conscious luxury brand looking forward that is consolidating traditional luxury values with ethics and consciousness into every facet of the brand.

7. Sarah Regensburger

Conscious Luxury Fashion The Savage sustainable fashion collection by Sarah Regensburger

Growing up in a historic city in Germany, Bavaria, but living in the cosmopolitan city of London, Sarah Regensburger combines the German respect for nature and animals with a newfound love for other cultures, as reflected in the brand’s ethos:

‘Respect nature, respect human beings, respect the environment.’

Most of the Savage by Sarah Regensburger creations are made to order, and only from eco-friendly and 100% animal-free materials.

8. Livin’ the MAD Life

Conscious Luxury Fashion Livin The MAD Life vegan designer handbags

Founded by Megan Aroon Duncanson (hence the choice for M.A.D.), the brand blends Aroon’s extensive artistic expertise, as revealed in the rare art pieces owned by collectors from all around the globe, with an obsessive passion for conscious fashion.

Livin’ the MAD Life is a high-end cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable brand devoted to creating unique, handcrafted bags and purses, that can be passed for generations as classic pieces of art.

9. Blue of a Kind

Conscious Luxury Fashion sustainable denim by BLUE OF A KIND

‘The world doesn’t need another fashion company,’ or that’s how Blue Of A Kind, an emerging conscious luxury brand, sees what’s coming in the world of fashion.

More than just a fashion company, Blue Of A Kind is a community built in a post-modern cultural sphere, with the vision to define a new standard in 21 century’s fashion by putting sustainable production, upcycling, and eco-friendly values at its core.

All Blue Of A Kind creations are unique, made exclusively from vintage apparel, handcrafted from leftovers and surplus materials. Garments filled with uncompromised style, contemporary fit, and precious heritage.

10. R J Gibson

Conscious Luxury Fashion

R J Gibson’s sophisticated design aesthetics combine unique embroidery with eco-friendliness, unifying the Scottish designer Rosie Gibson’s lifelong passion for exquisite embroidery with haute-couture, without sacrificing her commitment to sustainability.

Inspired by the likes of Giles Deacon and Jasper Conran, Rosie has always been fascinated by the transformative properties of embroidery, as a way of bringing materials to life, and turning them into products conscious luxury buyers would adore beholding and touch.

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Finally, technological developments are allowing designers to replace leather and fur with vegan and cruelty-free alternatives materials; easier to procure, last longer, lighter, eco-friendly, and without having to kill animals.

So as a lover of fashion, what stops you from wearing cruelty-free apparel?

Can’t find products?

Don’t trust the brands?

The products you have seen are not luxurious enough for your taste?

Would love to hear your reasons below.

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  1. Marcose

    6 March 2020

    Too many problems across the world with the climate crisis, child labour, racism, gender inequality, animal cruelty, plastic pollution and so on. The issue is the nobody gives a shit.

  2. Zwebethia

    23 July 2020

    Are there any Lebanese or Middle eastern androgynous fashion designers? Please share with me if you know any.