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Sustainable fashion labels you’ll love to wear this autumn – WTVOX Top 5. There is an almost tangible shift towards ethical and sustainable fashion. New products are popping up every day, from vegan trainers to organic linen trousers, and from spider silk dresses to pineapple leather bike jackets. As several fashion brands are pushing the boundary to bring awareness to environment-friendly fashion pieces, conscious consumers need to know they are out there, ready to purchase.

So if ‘animal-free’ and ‘saving the planet’, mantras resonate with you as well but you’re still wondering which brands are sustainable, here we have prepared our top 5 sustainable fashion labels we are sure you’ll love to wear this autumn.

1. Sustainable Fashion Labels 2018 – H&M Conscious

If you are like me, under 25, student, with little money to spend on fashion but love showing off, H&M has always been an absolute saviour.

But last year’s claim of fast fashion and unethical production pushed me away from the brand, forcing me to seek more ethical and sustainable alternatives.

Sustainable Fashion Labels - h&m conscious

Sustainable Fashion Labels - model on stairs

However, after seeing the brand’s constant efforts to take a more sustainable approach to fashion and especially their new H&M Conscious line, which is making use of waste materials like old plastic bottles to create chic outfits, I am again their number one fan.

2. Sustainable Fashion Labels 2018 – Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing is an eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brand from the UK The brand’s eco-friendly and sustainable apparel is made from organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp.

Thought Clothing stocks apparel ranging from dresses to nightwear and knitwear to jumpers.

All garments are full of character, colours, available at affordable prices as the brand ships worldwide.

Sustainable Fashion Labels - thought fashion

3. Sustainable Fashion Labels 2018 – No Nasties

No Nasties‘ is an organic and fair trade clothing label that makes a significant contribution to a cleaner planet by encouraging its buyers to turn to sustainable clothing, made of organic cotton, seeking to make a positive difference in the lives of sustainable cotton farmers across the world.

You too can help by trying on their quirky bags, shirts, and tees next time you go shopping.

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Hey guys! These past two weeks, I’ve been interning at No Nasties. I learnt a ton about how businesses manage instagram accounts, the tools they use, the design process, veganism & organic clothing, as well as brushed up my writing skills with the few blog posts I did. And of course, I understood first hand how to manage their instagram account over the past week! The week is now over though and I’m back in Mumbai, so I’m handing the instagram back to the people who usually put together all the great content that you see. Just wanted to say thank you for all the support on my writing on Instagram, Facebook & the No Nasties website, as well as each of my posts on here πŸ’› Thank you all πŸ™‚ ~ #zoetheintern #organic #fairtrade #vegan #cotton #growthegrove #ethicalfashion #sustainable #sustainableliving #ethicalclothing #goa #india #nonasties

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4. Sustainable Fashion Labels 2018 – Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought was launched as a passion project that soon has become one of the most significant resources for conscious fashion buyers and those mindful of animals and the planet.

Threads 4 Thought’s ethically made and sustainably produced clothes are perfect for the casual, student-like wardrobe.

Their style will get you ready for a Saturday morning coffee with friends, or, if you like activewear apparel, the brand becomes the ideal choice for a Sunday morning run in the park, while still looking good.

5. Sustainable Fashion Labels 2018 – Doodlage

The New Delhi sustainable fashion label, Doodlage, nurtures three core principles, all starting with the letter R: reuse, reinvent and revive.

Doodlage’s environment-friendly products emphasise stylistic elements such as patchworks, embroideries, panels, and silhouettes while using discarded textiles from other manufacturers and production lines.

So if ‘reuse in style’ resonates with you, here is your chance to prove it by switching to sustainable fashion labels, before your friends do so. Lead by example!

Sustainable Fashion Labels - Doodlage

Sustainable Fashion Labels - Indian fashion brand Β Β Sustainable Fashion Labels - Doodlage 2
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