Sustainable Fashion Designers To Watch In 2020

Ana Alves

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From fashion designers that have received recent media coverage to names you’ve never heard of; these up-and-coming sustainable fashion designers are set to be leaving a significant impression on the fashion industry in the years to come.

Driven by growing protests against unethical labour and the increasingly evident destruction caused by our reckless consumption, the next wave of fashion designers showcase new creative ideas.

Creations meant to highlight the notable events affecting the environment on a global scale, and thus, our existence on this planet, through their equally innovative and sustainable ethos, as immediate shifts into the future.

Hailed by some fashion critics as the industry’s brightest rising stars, these sustainable fashion designers are undoubtedly giving the concept of fashion a new facet.

With innovative structures, nuanced approaches to design, and flavours of contemporary culture, these are the top 10 sustainable fashion designers to watch in 2020.

1. Flora Miranda

Flora Miranda Sustainable Fashion

On the top of our emerging ‘sustainable fashion designers’ list is Flora Miranda, a future-forward Austrian designer label, hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, with a profound focus on the human construct and its conscious experience.

The label’s extreme silhouettes morph the natural paths of the body to become a digital canvas showcasing extravagant sculptures of extra-terrestrial flavours and influences.

Conceptual explorations are starkly present in staunch narratives and material explorations in Flora Miranda’s collections, as the designer emphasises the importance of digital identities, intangible and yet seemingly predominant in our daily lives.

Whether introduced as a method like 3D-scanning, 3D-printing, or laser-cutting, technology is an essential medium in Flora’s work.

To the artist, the creator role has new dimensions in today’s world of machine learning, generative design, and augmented reality dimensions.

Flora detaches herself from the obsolete idea that fashion is merely about garments and bets on a broader, more encapsulating understanding that fashion, by nature, interacts with the sophisticated surroundings of the individual.

This [conviction] shapes the character of her exclusive pieces, introduced as crucial elements in a performance where sound, space, movement, and emotion meet.

2. Bode

Bode Upcycled Fashion

Possibly one of the most recognisable designers employing upcycled materials to create superb men’s fashion, Emily Adams Bode is changing the world with her modern workwear and sentimental approach.

As a fashion label, Bode has gained massive popularity after the designer has decided to create garments out of discarded textiles and blend it with a new narrative around tailored, unique and custom made designs.

The work paid off, and eventually, Emily Bode received the 2019 CFDA Award, hailing her as the Emerging Designer of the Year.

3. Deveaux

Deveaux Sustainable Fashion

After years of street style photography and blogging which eventually gained him a lot of fame and notoriety, there’s no argument that Tommy Ton has an excellent eye for what’s needed to make fashion-forward and to stand out creations.

That’s why, when it was appointed as the brand’s creative director in February 2018, the rise of Deveaux has been nothing short of impressive.

Tommy’s accent on daily staple pieces is what gives Deveaux that sort of subtle shine that’ll make a photographer raise their camera to take that unique shot.

The designer’s unique work touches on diverse groups on and off the runway, aimed at contributing to a more inclusive vision of what modern styles and fashion should be.

4. Coperni

Coperni Sustainable Fashion Designer

As a fashion label, Coperni’s first mediatic intro took place in 2013, when Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer design vision and business ethos combined into what, the media publications of those days described as, ‘an innovative and yet, timeless brand’.

So great was the merger of the two that it eventually won the ANDAM award in 2014 and up for the LVMH Emerging Designers Prize in 2015. However, the duo has decided to withdraw from the fashion giant’s competition for personal reasons.

The French label aptly tributes the brand’s namesake to the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, which further reinforces its unique approach of ‘innovation-first’ in fashion.

5. Khaite

Khaite 2020 Sustainable Fashion Designers

Another sustainable fashion designer to watch this year is Khaite. Through artful tailoring at its best, Catherine Holstein bestows Khaite with a modern vision and stylistic designs which mediate between femininity and masculinity as opposing but inseparable qualities.

A 2019 CFDA nominee, Catherine Holstein’s unique work has been worn by high-profile figures such as Michelle Obama, Katie Holmes and Emily Blunt to name a few.

The designer’s Spring 2020 works seem even more innovative, showcasing decisive yet soft shapes, and sparkling creations resemble a nostalgic past and an emerging, unexpected future.

6. Patou

Patou 2020 Sustainable Fashion Designer

Baptised under Jean Patou, a charismatic French designer of the early 20th-century fashion known for revolutionising women’s sportswear to the extent that rivalled Coco Chanel, Patou’s heritage might explain the star-studded history of creative directors.

Following on the steps of Lagerfeld, Lacroix and Gaultier, Guillaume Henry is the new creative guiding Patou to new heights.

The designed has emerged as a household name that modernised Carven to a point where Sidney Toledano, the Fashion CEO at LVMH granted him the leading role at Patou.

And what a choice it was. Last June, we’ve seen the first images of the new direction and vision, pointing to a blend of daily uniforms, ethical values and artisanal luxury.

7. Kelsey Randall

Kelsey Randall 2020 sustainable fashion designer

Kelsey Randall is a Brooklyn-based fashion designer that’s taking the world by storm. In the age of 24/7 fast fashion, oversaturation couture and everybody’s culture, the power of niche is critical.

Her unique made-to-order pieces are redefining the couture scene by infusing elements usually found in the lines dedicated to younger consumers.

While Kelsey Randall’s creations gained notoriety after the signer Lorde, worn them on stage, it seems that 2020 is the year for Brooklyn-based designer and her bespoke creations.

8. 16Arlington

16Arlington Sustainable Fashion Collection 2020

Imagine a place where maximalism meets minimalism if that’s even possible. This ‘recently’ launched UK-based label has some history behind. 16Arlington has been worn by several critical attendees of the 2018 British Fashion Awards, such as Adut Akech, Edie Campbell and Jourdan Dunn.

That is why, this label is already a favourite of the red-carpet socialites and critics and expected to become ‘want-to-wear’ amongst VIPs, A-listers and the high-class fashion crowd.

9. LouLou Studio

Chloé Harrouche LouLou Sustainable Fashion 2020

If you want to know how to progress from a fashion blogger to a fashion designer, look no further than Chloé Harrouche.

Initially working as a blogger for LouLou de Saison, Harrouche decided to explore her creative spirit in fashion design, and this is how LouLou Studio was born.

After earning a place in Bergdorf Goodman’s new BG Radar lead, which features a curated selection of young designers, LouLou Studio is gaining fast attention.

Her creative cuts and high-quality pieces deliver an artful touch that set you apart through both comfort and elegance. All creations are meant to evoke a reassuring feeling that empowers women.

10. Aurore Van Milhem

Aurore Van Milhem Sustainable Fashion 2020

Aurore Van Milhem is another French, Parisian-based fashion designer in our sustainable fashion designers list who has started by modelling her creations on Instagram.

Soon after, Aurore Van Milhem’ creations became so popular that her online store started to sell out weekly.

The label has exploded in less than a year after and there’s an excellent reason for that.

Loved by fashion critics, this is one fashion designer to watch in 2020 as her social media grows and brand recognition continues to skyrocket.

Would love to hear your comments below about our list of ‘sustainable fashion designers’ to watch in 2020.

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  1. Excellent article, my fav is Flora Miranda, I see you’ve put her on the top as well!

  2. CarmencitaLaempo

    13 February 2020

    But why is just the Copenhagen Fashion Week pushing for sustainable fashion? This is not normal, is it?

  3. COmpello

    25 February 2020

    Thanks for this! It annoys me so much seeing that not many magazines talk about events like these where designers like me can get support.

  4. You guys are amazing, love the coverage, keep an eye on us, we are going soon to introduce more amazing stuff. Men, be surprised 😉

  5. Thank you so much for the inclusion, guys! <3 We read and love your publication, keep up the good work

  6. Excellent source of sustainable fashion designers but I do not see any from China or Asia. Can you recommend any Chinese sustainable fashion designers, please? Best!

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