Top 5 Smart Clothing In 2020 – Present Ready, Future Proof

Rebecca Hunt
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These are the top 5 smart clothing brands that you can buy right now, to be present ready and future-proof.

Nobody can talk about wearable tech without involving fashion.

After the smartwatches and the fitness trackers were flying the wearables flag for the past two years or so, the market for smart clothes is catching up fast.

In fact, you can already buy smart clothes online.

Most apparel companies are now designing and selling clothes able to read the wearer’s biometrics.

Smart clothes made from smart fibres that can keep the wearer’s body at a constant temperature.

More than that, smart clothes are no longer a mere trend in the realm of wearable technology, but the beginning of a new era, of tech-infused garments.

Therefore, we decided to select the top 5 smart clothes you can buy right now.

All garments presented here are available and ready to purchase! 🤗

1. Smart Clothing – Athos Core

Top 5 Smart Clothes - The Athos Core

At the forefront of wearable technology designed for smart clothing, Athos shirt and shorts are sensor-filled garments able to measure various factors, as you workout.

Athos Core can monitor your muscle activity, the heart rate, and even the breathing rate.

‘Core’ is the name chosen by Athos designers, according to its style as a small capsule glued to the garments. The device syncs with fabric embedded sensors and delivers the collected data, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone.

The 10g “Core” device is inconspicuous as it can hide into your pocket, or be placed on the top of your t-shirt. The device can last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Athos Core technology has been reserved for professional athletes until now, making these fitness garments excellent equipment choices for bodybuilders and people interested in active training sports.

But, the new generations of “Core” can record much more than just the heart rate, and report back to the wearer with excellent insights, which makes the technology an important feat to have. You can order you Athos Core fitness equipment from Athos store.

The Core 2 shorts start at $340, and the shirt starts at $390 each.

2. Tech Shirt by Hexoskin

After a fruitful partnership with third-party apps like RunKeeper, Hexoskin has launched its second generation of smart clothes. The activewear is able to monitor your heart rate, calories, volume and breathing rate, steps, cadence, and even sleep, thanks to its complex wiring.

Smart Clothes - Hexoskin

The Hexoskin wearable tech smart clothes are made with high-quality Italian textiles which hide a small device into a secret pouch on the shirt.

Available in short and long-sleeved versions for men and women, the smart device behind the Hexoskin can connect via Bluetooth to all types of Android and iOS smartphones.

The Hexoskin shirt comes with the smart device and cable, ready buy right now for $499.

3.  Sensoria Fitness Socks And Anklet

According to the company, Sensoria socks are infused with proprietary 100% textile sensors, whatever that means.

The socks are paired with a smart Bluetooth detachable anklet that delivers superior accuracy when it comes to your step counting, speed, calories consumed, altitude and distance tracking.

Smart Clothes - Sensoria

Moreover, the device can also track cadence and foot landing technique as you walk or run.

The benefit of Sensoria socks lies in its capacity to identify injury-prone running styles, such as heel striking, ball striking, and many more, and then leverage the collected data to a special smartphone app that can further create programs to coach the runner.

The Sensoria app dashboard is designed to help the wearer achieve goals, improve performance and reduce the risk of going back to bad tendencies.

You can order your Sensoria Fitness Socks And Anklet combo for only $199 in the U.S.

4. Smart Clothing By Lumo Lift

Smart Clothes - Lumo Lift

Connect. Wear. Record. Improve. Lumo is a company popular for making wearable devices that help the wearers with their posture.

Lumo lift is not a smart garment, but a little sensor that can make any garment you wear smart.

The invisible sensor can track your running metrics, bounce, pelvic rotation, ground contact time, cadence, braking, and even stride length.

The little ‘Lift’ sensor can be glued to any type of apparel and syncs to your smartphone to provide real-time audio feedback via your headphones.

If you are serious about your running, you have to have a Lumo Lift device. Not only it helps with your posture, but it helps with your fitness, to levels you did not imagine before.

You can buy your Lumo Lift device right now, for $99 from their official website.

5. Smart bra by Supa

If you are a fitness hardcore that needs body data measurements, anywhere you go, even in the water, this line of SUPA ‘powered’ sports bra is for you.

The garments collect data thanks to an integrated heart rate sensor made from fabric. Yes, from fabric so you won’t feel that is even there.

Smart Clothes - Supa Smartbra

The heart rate sensor uses advanced AI and it is water resistant. The data collected syncs via Bluetooth to the Supa.AI app and helps you keep track of your workouts while keeping track of the surrounding UV levels.

Supa device comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, and in three design styles with beautiful colours.

Preorder your Supa smart bra right now – for about $100 from the official website – and get ‘swimming pool’ ready before the end of the summer.

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