Seven Crash ‘Smashes’ The Future Of Urban Streetwear Fashion At NYFW

Mandeep Sidhu
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Seven Crash ‘smashes’ the future of urban streetwear fashion at NYFW. When nobody was looking, Seven Crash launched its latest collection, ‘Quantus’, in what seems to be the future of urban streetwear fashion. ‘Quantus’ is an innovative fashion collection that combines urban functionality with fashion-forward and eco-conscious designs. A fashion collection that pushes the boundaries in fabric innovation.

Seven Crash just unveiled ‘Quantus’ collection at the Autumn/Winter New York Fashion Week 2019.

Fashion innovation by Seven Crash at NY Fashion Week 2019

True to the brand’s rebellious motto, “crash the rules”, Seven Crash is an innovative fashion label for futuristic workwear and streetwear fashion.

Through the use of advanced materials, Seven Crash embraces a variety of fashion styles and cultures.

The materials that the brand uses are not only revolutionising the use of the fabrics, but it also enhances the wearer’s experience with the garments. Materials that allow intricately crafted and stitched designs while ensuring premium quality.

“The ‘Quantus’ collection of unlimited possibilities provides a platform for individuals to express their self through stylised motifs and clever use of colour and textures,” said Enchi Shen, the creative director of Seven Crash

Seven Crash Quantus collection at NY Fashion Week 2019

Moreover, in their new collection, ‘Quantus’,  presented at New York Fashion Week, Seven Crash showcased the use of advanced material solutions and new eco-conscious manufacturing methods.

One such innovations is Freeflex fibre spun from Elastollan TPU. A fibre that feels and looks like a cotton tee. This material is easy to care due to its softness and moisture-wicking properties. The fibre delivers adequate stretch and recovery for a flawless fit.

Also, Freeflex is able to change appearance and colours. This property has given Seven Crash’s new collection a futuristic look and feel.

The dynamic fabric can be embedded into traditional clothing and give the outfits a luminous feature. This property has been displayed by Seven Crash at the beginning of the show in NYFW, where the outfits were glowing in the dark.

Another innovative fibre is Haptex, a sustainable solution for synthetic leather. This fibre offers high peel strength and strong stitching.

“We are proud to support Seven Crash’s debut at New York Fashion Week with our latest fashion-inspired material solutions,” said Manfred Pawlowski, vice president of BASF.

“With the use of Freeflex and Haptex in an assortment of futuristic urban streetwear apparel, BASF continues to stretch the boundaries of innovative materials for fashion.”

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