Samsung Gear S3 – Release Date, Specs And Price


Samsung Gear S3 – Release Date, Specs And Price. IFA 2016, Berlin.
After the very well-received Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, the company makes a comeback with the next generation, the Gear S3. Samsung’s latest smartwatch comes with a broad range of power features such as built-in GPS, LTE excellent battery life and the new Samsung Pay.

Samsung Gear S3 Design

Gear s3 Design
Design wise, the new Samsung Gear S3 is a big boy, clocking 46mm in diameter, but Samsung insists that the specs did not enforce the design. The size is intentional as conform to Samsung; there is a growing trend for larger smartwatches.
In all fairness, there is a surge in bigger smartwatches with the latest devices from Michael Kors, Nixon, LG, and even Garmin, all moving towards bigger and bulkier smartwatches, this summer.

Samsung Gear S3 comes in two flavours, a Frontier and a Classic version. Both watches have Swiss-inspired cases, actually designed in partnership with a Swiss designer, Yvan Arpa and both watches have stainless steel casing, and a scratch resistant screen by Gorilla, the Glass SR+.
Arpa’s influence is highly visible as the new Gear S3 has highly detailed finishes making it look like a premium watch, that required hours of work and detailed craftsmanship.
gear s3 design
Now, if you have a small wrist, you might not be quite comfortable with the Samsung Gear S3, and that is because of its big size. The watch is really bulky, with a thick design and also, in my opinion, it looks much more masculine than the previous, unisex, Gear S2 designs. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing.
Samsung insists that the Gear S3 is not meant for guys, but unisex, however, I would recommend you to try it on before you buy it and judge yourself. Who knows, you might like it how it looks, big, powerful, on your thin, sexy wrist. I do.

Samsung Gear S3 Features

Samsung Gear S3 features
Conform to Samsung and based on the customer feedback received so far, the most requested feature on a smartwatch is the standalone connectivity that lets the watch act more like a smartphone and the inclusion of the LTE connectivity does just that.
Detailing more on the watch versions, all Samsung Gear S3 models come with built-in GPS like the previous Gear Fit2 but, the Classic variant comes with Bluetooth connectivity only while the Frontier model has both, Bluetooth and LTE chipset available, taking the models you can choose from to three.
gear s3 watch faces chronograph
With the addition of LTE, you can now receive and make phone calls, send emails, messages, and all the things you would do on your phone. You can also download new watch faces straight from the Gear S3 interface, rather than having to connect to the smartphone app.
Apart from the LTE, Bluetooth, and GPS, the Samsung Gear S3 boasts a broad range of smart sensors like a barometer, altimeter, speedometer and much more. Samsung Gear S3 new Super AMOLED display can display 16 million different colours on its always-on screen, making the smartwatch look very realistic, almost like a regular watch, at all times.

Samsung Gear S3 Batter Life

gear s3 battery life
The battery life is also much better when compared with the Gear S2. Thanks to its larger case, Samsung managed to fit a bigger battery this time with – 380 mAh – supposed to last three to four days. More than that, the Samsung Gear S3 has two saving modes to extend the battery life even further.
When it reaches 15 percent of battery life, the watch turns to the power-saving mode, while still delivering notifications. Moreover, at 5 percent, the Samsung Gear S3 switches to the watch-only mode and turns off all features. In this mode, with only 5 percent left, the watch can last up for an extra day.
Storage wise, the Samsung Gear S3 comes with 4GB of internal storage and trust me, you will need it if you are planning on trying the 10.000 apps expected to become available by the time the smartwatch hits the shelves.

Samsung Gear S3 – Samsung Pay

samsung gear s3 pay
One of the most praised features is the Samsung Pay support. It complements the watch independence from the phone, and it works by pressing and holding the back button, on the side. Once pressed, the watch brings up your previously recorded cards and from here all you have to do is selected your card, and get your watch closer to the terminal to complete the payment.

The watch uses the “Magnetic Secure Transmission” technology; that is the same on the latest Galaxy phones. Samsung’s Knox also secures the smartwatch, and if you take it off, it locks off and to unlock it you need a PIN code, similar to the Apple Watch.

Samsung S3 – Release Date And Price

Samsung’s new Gear S3 is launching in Q4 this year, available on all major U.S. carriers, with the pricing to be announced next month. If you can get over its large size, and you do not have a problem with Tizen, I think you are going to love the new watch from Samsung.
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