Samsung Gear S2 BALR. Edition Ready For Pre-Order


Samsung is launching an exclusive Gear S2 BALR. edition in The Netherlands.

We have some news about Samsung Gear S2 that match with my previous article about Samsung Gear S2. If you didn’t read it, do it now. I said that Samsung is a company to watch through the fashion deals to come. A watch to watch.
So here we are, Samsung is launching an exclusive Gear S2 BALR. Edition in The Netherlands.
It looks like our CEO is – once again – right. Next year is shaping up as the year of fashion tech. In that light, Samsung has announced collaboration with the fashion brand BALR., just one day before the Samsung Gear S2 watch lands on the shelves in The Netherlands.
Samsung and BALR. will work together to make a special edition of Gear S2 that comes with a new watch strap and new watch face.
For those of you who haven’t heard about BALR. before, this is a Dutch luxury fashion company. The brand was founded in 2013 by 3 Dutch professional football players.
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Not only sports people like the brand. Also, famous Dutch DJ’s like Hardwell and Nicky Romero are regularly using BLAR. products.
The launch of the watch was made public at a private party, in the Harbour Club. Just to show how important this merger is, it’s worth to mention that in attendance were many famous football players from top clubs like Ajax, Feyenoord, Dutch stars and VIPs.

Samsung Gear S2 BALR. – Availability And Price

samsung gear s2 BALR. edution now available for download
Apart from the custom straps and faces, Samsung Gear S2 BALR. Edition has a case made from a custom material that is not plastic. The company did not detail on that, but we’ll keep you updated.
On the inside, The Samsung Gear S2 BALR. Edition will record your fitness data in the 24 hr activity log and is compatible with all Android 4.4 devices and up. Just like the basic version of Samsung Gear S2.
Aside the BALR. Edition custom strap, you’ll find in the box the original Samsung Gear S2 Classic straps. Just in case you need them.
You can pre-order the Gear S2 BALR. Edition here for €399.00.
We like the Samsung Gear S2 BALR. Edition. There is no doubt; it looks better than the standard Gear S2 Classic.
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