Samsung Gear S2 3G Carrier Price News


The Samsung Gear S2 3G version will cost just $50-60 more than its Wi-Fi-only counterpart ($299.99) depending on carrier.
The end of 2015 is shaping up to be a good one for wearable tech. Samsung, LG, Motorola, all have great new smartwatches that have gathered more attention than last year’s releases.
From all above, Samsung has got a lot of praise for its latest smartwatch, the Gear S2. The new watch comes in two different designs and a rotating bezel used to interact with the device.
This year, Samsung Gear S2 generation has brought to the market for the first time a smartwatch that functions independently, without the need of a smartphone.
It is called Samsung Gear S2 3G, soon to be released by carriers, and as expected, it is going to cost you a bit more to get your hands on it.

Samsung Gear S2 3G Available For Pre-order

samsung gear s2 3G verizon
Samsung Gear S2 3G will land in Verizon’s stores starting the 6th of next month. If you’re impatient, Samsung Gear S2 3G is already available online for pre-ordering.
The price fluctuates from $349 without a contract, to $299 on a two-year contract.
If you’re on a contract, you can add the Gear S2 3G to your Verizon account for only $5 per month. The Samsung Gear S2 3G from Verizon will be available in Dark Grey and Silver colour models.

It is not just Verizon but also T-Mobile is interested in selling the new Samsung Gear S2 3G with some differences, though. T-Mobile will make the Gear S2 available from November 15th, for $359 contract-free, or $15 a month. Also, there is no option to pre-order the watch from T-Mobile.
Apparently, AT&T is also expected to make the Samsung Gear S2 3G available on their respective network. Still, there is no official news to date.
LG just announced an LTE smartwatch and it remains to be seen if Samsung is going to follow up with a new version of Samsung Gear S2 3G LTE. At this point, Samsung’s smartwatches are not LTE.
Yes, the Samsung Gear S2 Wi-Fi and Gear S2 Classic are both already in stores but, for those of you lovers of smartwatches, seeking a bit more freedom from their smartphones, Samsung Gear S2 3G is the best available option.