Runtastic Moment Watch – A Nice Fashion Tech Combo


Runtastic is well renowned for fitness apps for smartphones and smartwatches rather than a maker of smartwatches but the Adidas-owned company has been putting its signature onto hardware and wearable devices for quite some time now.
Heart rate monitors, fitness trackers, sports watches, there is even a weighing scale with the Runtastic logo printed on it therefore there is no surprise seeing targeting the fitness market with new device. This time, Runtastic created an analogue watch with fitness tracking abilities named Runtastic Moment.

“Looking at the products currently available on the market, we noticed there was a large gap between fashion and functionality. Fashion Technology on paper but not on sale. Therefore, we developed the Runtastic Moment, to be an all-encompassing device that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and habit-forming.” said Florian Gschwandtner, Runtastic’s CEO.

Runtastic Moment is not one device but actually a release with four models and with various colour options. This device is a watch first and then an activity tracker, following on the fashion technology trends followed by other companies before. Urban Speed e-Strap by Montblanc, IWC Connect the acticity tracker and even Withings with their Activité Pop watches.
Runtastic Moment is not a digital smartwatch, but a classic one. It has a real watch face with real watch hands, a classic watch battery that needs replacing every six months or more instead of a daily visit to the USB charging cradle.

Runtastic Moment: Fashion First, Functionality Second

To a fitness-oriented company the sudden launch a watch – not just a watch but a fashionable watch – does not come easy and Runtastic wanted to make this step, the right way.
For that, the company worked with Georg Krippl, a watchmaker with 25 years of experience, that created a design meant to incorporate the fitness tracking aspects along with an extended battery life into a modern fashion technology time piece.
The company decided that the old “one-size-fits-all” approach is no longer relevant therefore the ten unique designs organised into four collections came as a natural choice.
The entire collection is waterproof, has sensors and smart internals incapsulated in a stainless steel case, battery that lasts at least six months and scratch-resistant glass.
The new runtastic watch can be fitted with any 22mm watch bands and writing about watch straps, Runtastic has developed an unique spring mechanism underneath the bands that allows easier removal, whereas the traditional bands need a special tool.
And talking about customisation, Runtastic Moment comes in four collections with 10 designs – see all versions in a gallery at the end of this post:
Runtastic Moment, Fun Collection
Designed for playful active types, its 37mm diameter face is making this watch the smallest of the group. Closer to the size as the smaller Apple Watch, that is clocked at 38mm. It is available in four colours: raspberry, plum, sand and indigo and it comes with a silicone strap matching the colour. Well priced at £90.
Runtastic Moment, Basic Collection
Very similar to Runtastic Fun Collection, just that the screen diameter is 42mm in this case and it is available in black and sand colours only. Similar size to the the larger Apple Watch. The Moment Basic will also sell for £90 too.
Runtastic Moment, Classic Collection
The Runtastic Classic collection it is larger, with the screen diameter reaching 46mm this time. It has a minimalistic look and it’s available in silver and gold and rose gold for the price of £120.
Runtastic Moment, Elite Collection
Of course there is a range for those who like sophistication. This collection comes with a genuine leather strap but it’s available in black only. Also with a 46mm diameter and it sells for £120 too.

Runtastic Moment: Specs And Features
All models are compatible with iPhone 4S or newer, Android smartphones running 4.3 or higher that embrace Bluetooth 4.0 and with Bluetooth-equipped Windows Phones.
In comparison to Withings, that is compatible with 3rd party health apps, the Runtastic Momentum collection watches are compatible only with the Runtastic apps collection. A potential drawback if you have been charting your workouts with MapMyRun, Runkeeper, or any other 3rd party fitness apps.
It is worth remembering that Runtastic Watch is not a smartwatch but a watch with a fitness tracker. Good move for wearable tech landscape overall as Runtastic Moment brings more choices, device and provider in equal measures.