Reshape 2018 ‘Sensing Materialities’ Contest Calling All Fashion Innovators

Laurenti Arnault
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Reshape 2018, reporting from London, UK. Little known to the end consumer, Aldo is a technologist and entrepreneur that began his career as an architect and the ‘bad boy’ of the fashion tech landscape.

After a decade of tumultuous professional exchanges, Aldo found himself at crossroad questioning methodologies and values of an aged type of architecture, reflected in the industry’s lack of interest in innovative solutions and new processes that other disciplines were exploring.

Reshape 2018 – A Dream Catcher

After a Masters degree in Advanced Architecture from the Institute for Architecture of Catalunya, Aldo decided to ‘sabotage’ his expertise and rebuild his skills through a contemporary and multidisciplinary context, by becoming an expert in computational design and digital fabrication.

Reshape 2018 Forum - Aldo Sollazzo

Aldo’s obsession with smart materials pushed him to pursue a second Master in Architectonic Design while co-founding and managing Noumena. Aldo’s company started to investigate digital paradigms of merging innovative design strategies with advanced materials, wearable tech, additive manufacturing, robotics, and architecture.

Reshape 2018 – From Fab Academy to Reshape

Noumena’s highly complex and multidisciplinary environment of blending codes, biology, robotics, and programmable materials into data-informed workflows, began to unveil unseen patterns and design solutions.

The results came quickly and Aldo was appointed Director of IaaC Global Summer School and Head of IaaC Visiting program and one of the SuperNodes of the Fab Academy, an educational platform founded by Neil Gershenfeld from the MIT’s Center of Bits and Atoms.

For the same program, Aldo is also the coordinator of Fab Academy in Paris.

Reshape 2018 - Fab Lab fashiontech garment

Shortly after, Aldo was awarded a Fab Academy diploma from the Fab Lab Barcelona for his innovative creations and asked to direct Reshape, a digital platform and craft community promoting research, design, and the production of smart materials, with the aim of further exploring the implications and applications of such innovative technologies in the modern social context.

Reshape 2018 - computational couture

The story of Reshape began back in 2013 when the two envision the possibility of leveraging Fablab’s emerging ecosystem to find out which futuristic technologies could gain market adoption and usage but also to understand the implications such emerging technologies would deliver at a societal level, by remodelling the role of designers, makers, and consumers.

Reshape 2018 – initiate the domino effect

Nurtured by Noumena’s team, the Reshape project – an annual call for digital solutions and prototypes – embodies a distributed frame of applied research run by a collective group of researchers and visionaries seeking to initiate a domino effect that once started, can’t be ignored or stopped by politicians, industry, or market players.

Reshape 2018 - winners

That is why, for the fourth edition of Reshape, suggestively themed ‘Sensing Materialities’, Noumena has partnered with IN(3D)USTRY and Fira de Barcelona, collaborating on the installation of two central shows: Reshape Competition and the Reshape Forum.

Reshape 2018 – intelligence-embedded textiles

As a growing body of research in advanced materials shows that garments and objects can be infused with extra functionalities, such as enhanced responsiveness, and interactivity to external stimuli, Reshape aspires to begin a new chapter of fashion products, built on intelligence-embedded textiles, which can enrich through their extensive applications our bodies and daily lives.

Reshape 2018 - smart fashion clothes

Reshape’s commitment is a clear reminder that the fashion industry remains the second largest polluting industry in the world to date.

Fashion is responsible for a massive environmental waste as 73 per cent of the materials used in clothing production is lost after the final garment.

It is also polluting the air as in 2015, greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production totalled 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2.

Reshape 2018 – The need for action

“The time has come to face these issues seriously, no longer by debating but coming up with innovative solutions that can stop and revert the current trends.

We are here to summon the help of media, designers, chemists, engineers, programmers, and makers to play a relevant role in establishing new methodologies, reinventing materials, fabrication processes, enhancing new functionalities for textiles and consumer goods”, said Aldo Sollazzo.

This year’s edition aims not only to promote new talents and facilitate connections, but also bring to the table a wide range of actors involved in the fashion and product design, from as many sectors and industries as possible, and see if together, can uncover the applications and implications behind these innovative solutions.

Moreover, the ultimate aim is to understand how technology is reshaping our behaviours as designers, producers, consumers, and citizens.

“I wonder, will we perceive environmental hazards differently if smart sensors would be integrated on what we wear? If so, then what would be our reaction? questioned Aldo.”

Reshape 2018 – Submit Now

Reshape competition promotes a multidisciplinary approach and thus is open to all designers, engineers, architects, makers.

The competition accepts submissions until the 7th of September 2018 from all professionals, students and creative talents seeking to showcase their innovative creations, either via Fashion or Product Design, and thus contributing to better solutions for a cleaner environment and human health.

Reshape 2018 - sensing materials
From the 16th to the 18th of October 2018, all members of the Reshape Community will be gathering in Barcelona, Spain for the Reshape Forum.

During the event, interviews, panels, exhibitions and pitches will be organised with the aim of establishing new connections, trigger discussions and build collaborations among participants.

All proposals will be evaluated by an international panel of experts representing Institutions, Research Centers, and the Industry.

Reshape 2018 – Global Leaders in Audience

The exhibition will be showcasing the work of several professionals and their innovative approaches to the textile and fashion industry.

Key participants in the 2018 edition of the Reshape Forum are global industry leaders such as Adidas, Bulgari, Luxottica, Wasp, Marcelo Vila and governmental institutions including the Italian Consulate, IED, IaaC, Materfad and many more.

Bookmark us today and be the first to know the winners of Reshape 2018 competition. WTVOX will cover extensively all participants and their innovative creations in the weeks to come.

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