Pebble Time And Pebble Time Round Apps Can Now Add Voice Commands


Pebble is allowing third-party developers to add voice dictation to Pebble Time, Time Steel and Pebble Time Round apps.
We’ve seen a lot of changes at Pebble this year. Good changes. Pebble is no longer the “ugly duck” of smartwatches. Pebble retains the “one of the smartest watches out there” title while growing into a fashionable device.
Like a kid with spots and thick glasses that has turned into a smart looking teenager, Pebble’s latest smartwatch is a real fashion tech statement.
Pebble’s changes are not only at the design level but apps too. Now developers can implement voice commands to Pebble Time Steel, Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round apps.

These are good times for Pebble Time owners. Being able to respond to emails and texts without pulling out your phone. This new feature will become available on Pebble Time Round, from the 8th of November.
The functionality covers just emails and text messages for the time being, but we are expecting to see more voice commands shortly.

“Pebble is committed to offering not only a variety of smartwatches that blend into individual lifestyles but also to expanding the usability of Pebble smartwatches worldwide through frequent software upgrades.” Kean Wong, the Vice President of Software Engineering at Pebble.
Making voice capabilities accessible to developers will help grow the Pebble app ecosystem exponentially. Pebble users will have access to new apps that are fun, intuitive, and easy to use.

Pebble Time Round Apps With Dictation API

pebble time round apps dictation api nuance
Together, with the voice recognition capabilities, Pebble has released a Dictation API using Nuance’s voice technology.
By opening the Dictation API to Pebble developers, unique voice-enabled apps for Pebble smartwatches on both Android and iOS and more experiences will be delivered. Consumers will be able to connect without having to look down at their device.
Voice opens up a world of possibility for wearable devices. In seconds, messages dictated by voice are sent right from the wrist with just a touch of a button.
All features as mentioned earlier are already available in the latest Pebble 3.6 firmware. The firmware includes other improvements to the timeline, notifications and general stability.