Most Sustainable Sneakers of 2019: Be Comfortable While Saving The Planet

Kinga Wioletta Rusin
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Sustainable sneakers have dominated the footwear industry in 2019. Shoppers have become more educated about the negative externalities that shoe companies create with their unsustainable practices.

Thus, more and more brands feel incentivized to create sustainable alternatives. What’s good for the planet, is also good for the business now.

As a result, the shift that is happening now will hopefully change the footwear industry for the better. And goodness knows that it needs changing, as there are more than 23 billion pairs of sneakers produced every year.

Moreover, 300 million pairs are thrown out annually and, subsequently, end up in landfills. These, in turn, take on average 30-40 years to decompose. How crazy is that?!

This is exactly why it’s so important to invest in a good pair of sustainable sneakers.

So, dive in, and enjoy the curated list of the best sustainable trainers of 2019.

1. Sustainable Sneakers From Lane Eight

Lane Eight

Lane Eight – a direct-to-consumer brand based in Hong-Kong – had made the shift to sustainable production in its second year of existence.

The company chooses only recycled and plant-based materials in the production of their sneakers. Specifically, the sneakers are made out of vegan and recycled fibres, and recycled plastic.

Not only do their sustainable trainers perform well and are comfortable, but they’re also stylish enough to be worn on a daily basis, not only at the gym.

Lane Eight’s Trainer AD 1 come in two colours: Mint and Birch, highlighting colours found in nature.

“The palette for Mint and Birch is no coincidence, inspired by the natural colours from the environment where our algae are harvested.”

Josh Shorrock, co-founder of Lane Eight

2. Allbirds’ Wool Runners Straight From New Zealand

Based in San Francisco, Allbirds has grown rapidly in the last few years. Not surprisingly – their innovative sustainable sneakers are lightweight, breathable and soft to touch. And they also come in 13 different colours! What’s not to like? Check them out below!

Sustainable Allbirds

As the name suggests, the sustainable trainers are made out of dual-faced wool – itch-free and dirt-resistant. This makes them easy to maintain, as they’re also machine-washable.

What’s more, the range of colours and the sleek, somewhat elegant look, makes them easy to style with all kinds of outfits!

3. Carbon Neutral Everlane

Sustainable Everlane

Everlane’s new unisex leather trainers, simply called ‘The Trainer’, are the brand’s attempt making the world’s lowest impact sneakers.

So far, they come in ten colours, which makes them extremely versatile. Moreover, The Trainer’s sole is 94.2% free of virgin plastic and is made out of recycled and natural rubber. This actually cuts the greenhouse gas emissions by 54% in the production process.

Everlane’s continually trying to improve its supply chain and make it more sustainable. Therefore, they have promised to no virgin plastic by 2021. Kudos for sustainable initiatives!

4. Eco-Friendly Trainers From A New Sustainable Start-Up

There’s a new sustainable startup on the block. And funnily enough, it’s named Nothing New.

The company’s sneakers are made out of a combination of recycled cotton, fishing nets, rubber and cork. They also feature a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic upper. Talk about innovation!

It’s estimated that each pair saves 160 gallons of water compared to regular cotton sneakers. Nothing New has even gone the extra mile in ensuring that the box that the trainers come in, is made from 100% recycled paper.

They come in a variety of colours, and they also look quite similar to the beloved Converse sneakers. But, these are sustainable!

To give you an even bigger incentive to purchase a pair of these funky sneakers, I can tell you that the company gives a $20 rebate on your second purchase after you send them your first used pair. Indeed, they’re trying to combat the wastefulness of the industry on all fronts!

5. Kenneth Cole’s Stylish Sustainable Sneakers

Sustainable Trainers

Kenneth Cole – the man that prioritizes comfort in his shoe collections – has created a new pair of eye-catching and visually-stunning sustainable sneakers. Named ‘Maddox Resource Jogger Sneaker’, they’re a spin-off of Cole’s best-selling trainers.

They come in three slightly different designs. With sneakers like these, you can brighten up any all-black outfit.

So, if you’re wardrobe lacks colour and you’re looking for a way to make it more vibrant, well, look no further! Kenneth Cole’s chic and snazzy sustainable sneakers will definitely do the trick.

Let your feet be comfortable, while you save the planet! One step at a time ✨

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