Modibodi Gives The Future Of Women Underwear An Innovative Turn


Modibodi gives the future of women underwear an innovative turn. Often fashion goes beyond style. It shapes our lifestyle, defines who we are, and becomes a source of empowerment and comfort. It also allows us to function, to ease our daily struggles. And now it offers alternative methods to women in managing their monthly cycle.

One such pioneer is Modibodi.  An underwear brand that uses its patented ‘Modifier Technology’ to offer a product that is more than sassy undies. In particular, the brands innovative period underwear has lately attracted our attention.

Modibodi – More Than Sassy Undies

the Australian brand has embedded a soft, breathable, and multi-layered wearable pad in their innovative underwears. Its comfortable design and soft fabric, made from organic bamboo and lace. So women can finally have the chance to do take on periods in all aspects of life!

Modibodi period underwear

During the summer, Modibodi launched the first ever period swimwear. A collection that was made to be 100 per cent period proof with sustainability in mind. A collection that was released in the UK, Australia, and several other countries and sold out within a day.

Now, Modibodi is taking this a step forward as it has now just announced the launch of their period proof Activewear Legging with antibacterial properties.

What we love about Modibodi is the clever way of using technology in fashion to offer consumers something more. Their products go beyond the basics. They cover the times when people are most like to be more in need of protection, whether they are on holiday or at the gym.

Modibodi period swimwear

Modibodi – Meger of Innovative and Sustainable Design

More than that the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials are a huge hit. As we all become more conscious of the amount of plastic we are using and the harm it causes to the environment, such movements from brands are necessary.

It is estimated to take 500 – 800 years for a sanitary towel to break down. That’s a hell of a long time that the pad is sitting in landfills. In the UK 1.6 billion tampons are flushed down the toilets each year which are seriously polluting our waters.

Modibodi period leggings

Eradicating waste is a big part of Modibodi’s drive. The brand seeks to educate and offer alternative solutions. This value is also evident in the Modibodi’s next step. Introduction of a new brand called RED that would empower ‘the women of future’ (11 – 21-year-olds) to make changes to their periods.

The underwear is a great step in teaching the youngest’s an alternative way to manage periods. Research shows that almost half (47%) of all UK school girls felt embarrassed by their periods and 87% felt embarrassed to buy a tampon or sanitary towel.

Designed to be worn all day, this can be the ideal solution for school or days out with friends.

Modibodi – Time for Change

Over the year’s technology has helped us live better lives from our fitness routines to the food we eat and the way we sleep. One of the things that has not changed over the years, despite great advancements everywhere else, is the way we manage periods.

For many years, although innovation was always providing new solutions, it never transpired to make a change in something that affects nearly all women.

It seems that with a few adjustments and some clever thinking, there is a way to live a better, plastic-free and sustainable life, that will still make you feel and look great. We just needed to find Modibodi!