Modern Egyptian Clothing In 2020 – Latest Styles, Trends And Designers

Claudia Ricci

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Egyptian clothing, culture, history and heritage have been at the core of some of the world’s most stunning fashion collections ever created.

For decades, fashion designers from all over the world have used ancient Egypt as a reservoir of inspiration.

However, Egyptian clothing culture has gone through dramatic changes over the last 50 years.

Although stylistic restraint is usual in rural parts of Egypt, modern Egyptian clothing styles differ only marginally from those in Europe.

Nowadays, Egyptian people no longer wear wrap-around garments made from linen, like ancient Egyptians, but modern clothing styles.

In this article, I’ll show you:

  • How Egyptians dress today.
  • What not to wear in Egypt.
  • Latest 6 Egyptian clothing trends of 2020.
  • Top 11 Egyptian fashion designers.

Without further delay,

How do Egyptians dress today?

Modern Egyptian Clothing

Egyptian fashion has always been about practicality.

Due to the country’s hot climate, ancient Egyptians had to wear light fabrics such as vaporous linen, distinguishable for its transparent style.

Those garments aimed to confer a unique style while retaining comfort and easiness to wear.

Modern Egyptian culture holds the same value of comfortable fashion; however, the materials and the styles have changed a bit.

What can you not wear in Egypt?

It very much depends on the gender.

Unlike most western countries in which genders boundaries are blurring, Egyptian clothing retains notable differences between male and females styles.

Egyptian Female Clothing

Female Egyptian clothing

Although 90 per cent of Egyptians are Muslim, dressing to match one’s religious views is not enforced in Egypt.

Despite this fact, restraint is still significant to Egyptians, so many women wear clothes that cover all parts of their bodies.

Women tend to wear either a hijab that’s covering the neck and head or a niqab, covering just the face and head.

And yet, it is not uncommon to see Egyptian women without head coverings.

Egyptian Male Clothing

Male Egyptian clothing

There are no religious restrictions on men’s attire in Egypt.

There are some devout Muslims in Egypt who do not wear any clothing that clings to the body.

These devoted Muslims wear galabiya, a loose-fitting ankle-length robe, along with a turban, skullcap or fez.

The kaftan, an ankle-length coat with large sleeves, is worn either belted around the waist or over the galabiya.

However, most modern Egyptian men wear western clothing styles, from business suits at work to trousers and short-sleeved shirts for everyday wear.

Top 6 Egyptian Clothing Trends In 2020

1. Hats With Hijabs

Egyptian fashion trends - Hats With Hijabs

Egyptian sun, in particular, can be quite hot, even if you’re already wearing a hijab.

One of the daring stylistic experiments this year is wearing a hat with the hijab, demonstrating how to be ‘bold and beautiful’.

2. Satin Skirts

Egyptian fashion trends - Satin Skirts

Satin is so light that you often feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Sating is excellent, particularly in summer, when we want to feel the sun without getting too hot.

Skirts in the satin fabric are a favourite trend for fashion hunters this year.

3. Mixed Print Patterns

Egyptian fashion trends - Mixed Print Patterns

Single colour outfits have been standard for hundreds of years.

However, in 2020 we are seeing a trend of mixing colourful printed patterns, on various fabrics.

Moreover, the trend is adopted by men as well, not just women.

4. Velvet Abayas

Egyptian fashion trends - Velvet Abayas

Velvet abayas in vibrant colours are back in fashion this year.

Hailed as hijab trend-makers, velvet abayas create elegant looks that do not break the bank.

5. Neon Yellow

Egyptian fashion trends - Neon Yellow

Why are yellow and neon colours used in advertising and street signs?

To quickly grab your attention.

We see the use of yellow and neon colour in Egyptian clothing, as a way to stand out.

Match your yellow, or vibrant green neon t-shirt with black pants, a checkered scarf, and a deep blue blazer.

6. Embroidery And Jewellery

Egyptian fashion trends - Embroidery And Jewellery

Egyptians love to adorn their bodies with all kinds of elegant pieces of jewellery.

Queen Cleopatra remains a perfect example of ancient Egypt’s glamorous fashion style.

Aside from her unequalled beauty, history records often mention her obsession with gold ornaments, embellishments, beads, and gemstones.

Cleopatra’s image remains one of the most powerful sources of inspiration in the times of modern fashion and haute-couture collections.

Egyptian Fashion On The International Stage

Egytian fashion in Paris fashion week

In recent years Egyptian designers have begun making waves in international fashion shows and events.

Farida Temraz comes to mind as one of the more famous representatives of Egyptian fashion.

Upholding many Egyptian cultural elements, Farida’s evening gowns were described by critics as rare embroidered haute-couture.

However, it is not just Farida Temraz carrying the Egyptian fashion flag.

There is Fufa, Okhtein, and many other Egyptian designers endorsed by international celebrities such as Beyoncé.

Top 11 Egyptian Fashion Designers

Egyptian Fashion Designers - Norine Farah

These are the best 11 Egyptian fashion designers right now, loved for their unique creations that have put Egypt back on the fashion stage.

1. Fufa

Taking inspiration from her grandmother’s extensive collection of fabrics, Farah El Ashiry launched Fufa, a brand described as Egyptian bohemian.

At the time of its establishment, Farah knew little of garments and fabrics; yet her passion kept her going.

“You’ll find that my garments are straightforward. Yet, each print is one of a kind,” said the designer.

2. Norine Farah

Born and raised in Alexandria, Norine Farah has studied in Milan before falling in love with fashion.

Norine gets her inspiration from the beauty of patterns and colours of fabrics, and her creations include custom-embellished gowns and body-hugging looks.

The designer insists not to make traditional Egyptian clothing, or couture that’s too traditional:

“I want to create what I feel is beautiful. Whoever wants to trust my taste does.”

After a successful appearance at the Cairo Fashion Festival in 2014, Norine was selected to represent Egypt at the World Fashion Week in Paris.

Shortly after, she was nominated as Huawei Egypt’s brand ambassador.

3. Dina Shaker

Shaker founded her first fashion brand “SPICY” in 1990, in Alexandria.

Inspired by various art forms, Shaker wants her brand to empower women, as a voice of their strength and independence.

Her collections are always brimming with personality and character, with items varying from dresses to trousers.

Her fashion is broadcasted and sold throughout the world, from Beirut to London.

4. Mohaned Kojak

Mohaned Kojak sees his work as an original way of self-expression.

As a kid, Kojak used to make clothing for dolls.

The designer became a name in Egyptian fashion 2018, with growing influence in gender-free couture.

5. Farida Temraz

Since the debut of her Autumn/Winter 2014 collection at Paris Fashion Week, Farida Temraz’s label, Temraza, has quickly risen to fame.

The designer captures the hearts of many with opulent Egyptian clothing, touches of gold, and excellent use of drapery.

The gowns are a balanced combination of opposites, boasting sleek construction paired with panels.

However, the brand also often pays homage to its cultural roots by seeking inspiration from ancient Pharaohs.

6. Kojak

Fashion designer Mohanad Kojak’s semi-couture creations exude a contemporary vibe, constructed with the techniques of a couturier.

What started as a small passion grew steadily into an empire that Kojak established through his impeccable dressmaking skills.

He also enjoys combining unexpected elements like soft tulle with sturdy gold embellishments for his gowns.

His designs are mostly structural, often heavily embroidered with sequins, embellishments and beading — exquisite and full of grandeur.

7. Zaam Designs

Since the launch of Zaam Designs in 2012, Egyptian designer Ahmed Azzam has been designing leather bags and clutches with a luxe touch and a vintage finish.

Every bag is handcrafted in Zaam Designs’ workshop in Cairo to ensure pristine form and quality.

The brand’s creations are recognised for their angular and sturdy silhouettes.

Moreover, each piece is finished in Zaam Designs’ signature adornment of gold-plated brass, detailing a golden peacock logo.

8. Okhtein

Okhtein translates to ‘sisters’ in Arabic, was founded by siblings Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf.

Designed in various embossed leather and crafted in brass, Okhtein bags embody the art of craftsmanship and Egyptian artistry.

With high profile buyers such as Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid and Kris Jenner, Okhtein is becoming the next ‘Made in Egypt’ designer bag.

9. Maison Yeya

A creation of Yasmine Yeya, Maison Yeya is a modern Egyptian inspired fashion label that has impressed a global audience with unique gown designs.

Yasmine’s creations feature sculpted drapes and polished craft, constructed in luxurious bridal textiles such as duchess satins and silk chiffons.

10. Nour Ibrahim

Nour Ibrahim is a rising Egyptian fashion designer exploring original cultural lands in the art of fashion design.

Nour’s tailoring expresses sharp edges and unique Egyptian styles inspired by French luxury haute-couture, and with a touch of cultural heritage.

11. Deana Shabaan

Deana Shaaban is an Egyptian designer with a unique belief.

In her views, she believes there’s an individual gown for every woman; therefore, no piece must be identical or repeated.

Deana designs evening and wedding dress with a rare passion for expressing the individual beauty of every woman.

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