Malai Vegan Leather – Sustainable Fashion From Coconut Water


Malai vegan leather by Made-From-Malai is an organic alternative leather made from coconut water waste, highly suitable for innovative leather-looking like bags and fashion accessories.

Vegan Leather Made From Malai

Co-founded by Zuzana Gombosova, a material researcher from Slovakia, and Susmith C. S., a product designer from Kerala, ‘Made-From-Malai’ is a startup aiming to substitute animal leather with sustainable, organic and vegan materials.

Turning Coconut Water To Leather

Malai is also named after the company’s first creation: a biocomposite material made from bacterial cellulose that is sourced from agricultural waste, in particular, coconut industry, in southern India.

This flexible biocomposite material has the physical characteristics of leather or paper. Malai is organic and free from any artificial ‘nasties’, water resistance, and compostable at the disposal stage, making it a perfect sustainable vegan alternative material that can be used in the production of fashion goods

Malai Vegan Leather, A New Sustainable Textile Innovation

Although the technology is still in developmental stages and the quality of material needs further improvement for mass adoption, such positive movements signal how technological advancement and innovation has empowered designers to create a more sustainable future as reflected in our choices of fashion.

Then, why not use this power in a more conscious manner?

Made from Malai vegan leather - bags Made from Malai vegan leather - bag with handle Made from Malai vegan leather - small bag with handle Made from Malai vegan leather - hand bag

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