Luxury Vegan Suits From Italian Bamboo – A Brave Gentlemen Collection


Brave Gentlemen is one of the first vegan luxury fashion brands for men. Launched in the year 2010 by Joshua Katcher, an ethical designer and author by formation, and, ardent animal rights activist by choice, Katcher’s brand, Brave Gentlemen, captured the media’s attention recently when it announced its newest release, a collection of luxury vegan suits made from the finest of Italian bamboo and…nothing else.

Actually, there is something else in these suits. The buttons of the luxury vegan suits are made of Tagua nuts. Still, these suits remain vegan and entirely sustainable.

Gentlemen Luxury Vegan Suits Collection From Italian Bamboo

At the launching ceremony, Katcher explained how environmentally safe fabrics and material alternatives are paramount to maintain the image of the brand and to ensure that the luxury vegan suits are not just innovative, but the most luxurious vegans can buy today.

Katcher also stated that he wants to end the classic fashion myth that has been prevalent in the world of fashion for many years now, as in ‘the highest degree of quality in fashion is granted only to apparel made from wool and animal skins.

But, Brave Gentlemen’s Italian Bamboo luxury vegan suits is the first suit collection in the world to have been made without any wool in it. Made entirely from sustainable bamboo, Brave Gentlemen’s suits are available in a wide range of styles and colours comprising black, navy, and grey.

Also, if you love checkered designs, you won’t be disappointed at all, because the Italian Bamboo suits come in Blue Windowpane and Brown Windowpane patterns.

The launch of these sustainable bamboo suits is quite noteworthy in today’s times because according to a recent study conducted by the Pulse of the Fashion Industry, it has been proved that wool, leather, and all other animal products emit methane, which causes immense pollution to the environment.