London Goes Cruelty-Free This Summer With An Exclusive Vegan Fashion Show


London’s second Vegan Fashion Show is here again, to grace the metropolitan city for another summer. There’s a reason ‘The Economist’ proclaimed 2019 as ‘The Year Of The Vegan’. Over the last five years, we’ve witnessed a fast-growing market demand for vegan fashion.

As these emerging consumer requirements didn’t go unobserved by the leading brand, we are now seeing a rise in the number of cruelty-free fashion designs and collections.

But, what’s the best way to promote these brands to the fashion lovers out there? Here you have it: A Vegan Fashion show and that’s why ‘Bare Fashion’ brings the world’s most beautiful cruelty-free fashion labels to London city, this August.

Vegan Fashion Show – There Was ‘Green Carpet’

Green Carpet Fashion Award 2018

Earlier this year, Los Angeles was the city that witnessed the first-ever Vegan Fashion Week. The show took the ‘Green Carpet Fashion Awards‘ organised by Eco-Age to the next level.

With a focus not just on sustainable fashion but also on cruelty-free, Vegan Fashion Week catered to the general public, rather than just innovators, and it was an absolute success.

This time, the vegan fashion show model comes to London, brought to you by Bare Fashion.

Taking place this summer, London’s first Vegan Fashion Show is expected to showcase the world’s most amazing brands and their delightful collections, to all lovers of vegan fashion and not only.

Vegan Fashion Show – Bare Fashion

This is the second vegan fashion show organised by Bare Fashion in London. Building on the great achievements of the first edition, the organisers decided to target the middle of summer this time – the 10th of August.

If you’re new to vegan fashion, Bare Fashion’s Vegan Fashion Show is your unique chance to discover the latest vegan fashion brands and a new world of cruelty-free products. This is your chance to either embark on a new lifestyle or further expand your vegan wardrobe.

Apart from apparel, shoes, and accessories, the event will also present makeup brands that can help achieve a healthier lifestyle while showcasing the cruelty-free values you stand for.

So far, the event organisers have confirmed the presence of skyn ICELAND, and Made By Coopers, to mention just two of the most recognised cruelty-free labels, from an exclusive A-list of participants.

Going back to fashion, each vegan fashion brand is expected to showcase its marvellous creations on London’s catwalk.

Vegan Fashion Show – The Catwalk

Vegan fashion show in London

Our insiders told us that this year’s vegan fashion show will feature a wondrous bamboo silk line created by Artisara, a sustainable streetwear collection by Piilgrim, the latest vegan shoe collection by Blanlac, and some absolutely gorgeous cruelty-free bags designed by Fabrikk.

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So if you are going to be in London this summer, and love cruelty-free fashion, get ready! Something big it is coming. From high street creations to high-end haute couture, you can rest assured that this year Bare Fashion vegan fashion show has all you want.

Vegan Fashion Show – Two Sessions

Bare Fashion Vegan makeup

Finally, the make-up and hairstyles on the Bare Fashion vegan fashion catwalk will be done with the help of Paul Mitchell, a leading cruelty-free salon chain in the UK. Haven’t heard of Paul Mitchel, better google the brand right now!

Before we let you go, just a quick reminder; The catwalk will take place twice during the day of the event, however, there are going to be different brands and products on each session.

If you want to see both sessions you better reserve your place right now. Also, make sure you put it in your calendar so you don’t miss it. I very much hope to see you there my lovelies and together enjoy a magnificent show of cruelty-free and peace fashion.