Do You Remember Kenny Anderson’s Vegan Converse In Limited Edition?

Bruce Knox

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How many of you remember when back in 2017 an iconic brand released its first vegan pair of shoes? Back in 2017, following an unprecedented partnership between Converse and Kenny Anderson, a world renown pro-skater, world’s first vegan Converse shoes were launched.

Cons X Chocolate Kenny

‘Cons X Chocolate Kenny’, a limited edition inspired by Kenny Anderson, convicted vegetarian for six years.

According to him, since going vegan, he has discovered a new connection between humans, animals, and the planet.

In the making of ‘Cons X Chocolate Kenny,’ Anderson insisted that no animal materials should be used.

No, leather, no fur, not even glues of animal origin. The idea was to make these shoes durable and robust for heavy skating and other active sports.

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The body of the ‘Cons X Chocolate Kenny’ was made of recycled canvas and the laces of organic cotton, making them equally stylish and fashionable for vegans who love the casual style Converse has to offer.

Kenny Anderson's Vegan Converse

In the past, Kenny has refused several media deals for going against his morals. Compassion, love, and cruelty- free also form a strong part of his brand image.

“I’ll never sign in anything that stands against my beliefs. Thankfully, Converse choice at the time aligned with my actions and values,” said Kenny.

Back in the day, Kenny hoped a vegan Converse pair of shoes, in limited edition will get more people to talk not only about their vegan diets but also about a cruelty-free fashion world.

Now, in 2019, it seems that Kenny’s prayers are being answered. Next step? A fully vegan Converse company, not just a limited edition.

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