Kardashians Fashion – The Key To Ending Consumers’ Demand For Fur Fashion


Kardashians Fashion – Can Kardashians be the key to ending consumers’ demand for fur fashion? While some fashion designer brands, such as Versace, Michael Kors, and Gucci have stepped away from using fur in the manufacturing of their products, the use of rare animal skins such as python, crocodile and stingray remains the norm.

As fashion apparel and accessories made from exotic reptile skins can sell for thousands of dollars, instead of ending their legacy to leather, some luxury houses are investing in reptile farms, under the umbrella of ethically-sourced materials.

Kardashians Fashion – Why ‘ethically-sourced’ is not ‘cruelty-free’

Kardashians Fashion - Kardashian sisters wearing fur

In January 2017, Kering Group, the proprietor of Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and other luxury labels, has invested in a reptile farm in Thailand, in their attempt to reach 100 per cent ethical sourcing of rare animal skins, Business of Fashion reports.

But PETA argues that the ‘ethically-sourced’ therefore ‘cruelty-free’ approach to manufacturing stands on any moral ground. They insist that luxury brandsโ€™ hesitation to end gaining profits from the killing of animals is a cause of grave concern.

Kardashians Fashion – Deceiving accents

Kardashians Fashion - Kim wearing animal skin

Moreover, while luxury brands might be (arguably) cruelty-free, the constant use of animal skin and fur won’t help in reducing consumers’ demand. In fact, the sales of rare animal skins are on the rise.

The most use is not in the shape and design of long, Matrix-looking-like leather coats, but as tinny, deceiving accents on handbags, shoes, outerwear, and even custom-made furniture.
Kardashians Fashion - Kim wearing fur

Kardashians Fashion – The hardest challenges of the fashion industry

Kardashians Fashion - Lady gaga wearing fur

And when you look at their number, from a global scale, you begin to understand the damage.

Sadly, convincing the general public to suppress its appetite for exotic skins fashion accessories and apparel, while ‘media bombarded’ on a daily basis by their favourite celebrities such as Beyoncรฉ, Kardashians, or Lady Gaga, remains one of the hardest challenges the fashion industry has ever face.