Joey King Stuns Golden Globes In Her Iris Van Herpen Dress

Ana Alves

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Joey King subdued the Golden Globes 2020 Awards in her Iris Van Herpen dress. Star-making stylistic sparks are few and far between. But, when it happens, it happens in style, often introducing the world to a brand new star.

This year’s spectacular debut has seen ‘The Act’ star, Joey King taking over the Golden Globes in her superb Iris Van Herpen Dress.

The 2020 Awards ceremony was, as always, packed with stunningly dresses celebrities, stars, A-class socialites, influencers, journalists and more.

However, nobody stood out like Joey King, the star of ‘The Act’ – an American crime and drama TV series – thanks to her unique outfit.

Already globally praised for her performance on ‘The Act’, Joey decided that there’s nothing more suitable for her entrance at The Beverly Hilton, than a 3-D printed dress.

Joey King Golden globe 3d printed dress by Iris Van Herpen

Creation of the Dutch designer, Iris van Herpen, the 3-D printed dress is absolutely spectacular.

Iris van Herpen is widely recognized as one of fashion’s most talented and forward-thinking designers.

Joey King Golden globe 3d printed dress by Iris Van Herpen

She has continuously pushed the boundaries of fashion design since her first show in 2007.

Deeply preoccupied with inventing new methods of sartorial expression, Iris Van Herpen combines rare traditional couture expertise with some of the most innovative materials, giving shape to unique aesthetic creations.

Joey King Golden globe 3d printed dress by Iris Van Herpen

Iris van Herpen’s – unlike any other ever on the Globe’s red carpet – dress, not only turned heads in masses but it also gained Joey the title of the night’s most innovative attendees.

Joey’s Iris van Herpen black & white pleated dress was smartly assorted with a cape-like train. The star wore the combo with outstanding grace on the Golden Globe’s red carpet.

Apparently, Joey’s choice for an Iris Van Herpen dress came following a piece of advice from her stylist, Jared Eng. Together, the duo had lots of fun experimenting with unforeseen fashions creations.

Joey King Golden globe 3d printed dress by Iris Van Herpen

Finally, Van Herpen’s creation helped them take things to the next level, as Joey’s extraordinary couture piece was the icing on the cake at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

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