Great British Designer Face Coverings By British Fashion Council

Mandy Meyer

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British Fashion Council has launched a a joint non-medical face coverings campaign with ‘Bags of Ethics’: Great British Designer Face Coverings

Reusable, For People and Planet

The aim of the campaign is to reduce stigma by manufacturing designer face coverings for the public, in line with advice from the scientific community.

We have always been at the forefront of supporting the public through mass behavioural changes in positive and useful ways. Since the early 2000s we helped supermarkets, and retailers reduce their single-use plastic bag consumption by 5+ billion units through sustainable and reusable bags. A new challenge arises with the Coronavirus pandemic”, said Dr R Sri Ram, Chairman of Bags of Ethics.

Great British Designer Face Coverings by British Fashion Council and Bag of Ethics

The campaign manufactures and retails REUSABLE, SUSTAINABLE, NON-MEDICAL face masks all over the world.

Great British Designer face coverings are designed in London by six British designers:

  • Halpern
  • Julien Macdonald
  • Liam Hodges
  • Mulberry
  • RIXO

The project aims to raise £1 million.

 “Fashion is a unifying force and now, more than ever, it is essential that we collaborate and come together to support each other through difficult times. Our ambition is to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, while protecting vital PPE supplies reserved for the NHS. Through this project, we will not only celebrate British designers but also champion sustainability in a time of crisis.” Explains Caroline Rush, Chief Executive at BFC.

Sale proceeds will be used to support non-profits including:

The non-medical face coverings are reusable and sustainable, free of single-use plastics.

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Where To Buy British Fashion Council Face Masks + Prices

For £15 you’ll get three designer face masks and two protective pouches.

All face masks are reusable and washable.

Great British Designer Face Coverings by British Fashion Council and Bag of Ethics

The face masks are available directly on the ‘Bags of Ethics website.

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  • John Lewis & Partners
  • Waitrose
  • Sainsbury’s

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