Would You Wear These Futuristic Shoes Made From Living Cells?

Laurenti Arnault
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Futuristic shoes made from living cells. A creation of Shamees Aden, a London-born researcher and a multidisciplinary designer, seeking to explore how modern scientific practices will impact the future of fashion design. Aden has studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and went on to work for high profile designers such as Jonathan Saunders and Alexander McQueen.
futuristic-shoes - amoeba shoes
Her project, ‘The Amoeba Trainer’, showcases a ‘biological’ approach towards the next generations of footwear. In Aden’s view, the future trainers will be’grown’ out of customised cultures of organic materials. Moreover, the biological shoes will be able to resist to extensive usage and even regenerate overnight.

These futuristic shoes made from biological matter were developed in collaboration with Dr Martin Hanczyc. Martin (pictured below) is a professor at the University of Trento and the founder of the Laboratory for Artificial Biology as part of the Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO).
Futuristic Shoes professor in lab
Martin and Aden designed and constructed a prototype of the biological shoe from inert molecules called protocells. Once combined, the protocells act like a living organism, thus granting the shoes with self-repairing properties.

The protocell technology works like an extra layer of skin, conferring the biological sneakers unique capacities. The shoes can adapt their form according to the wearers’ foot, can resist high pressure and can self-repair in case of accidents or damage.

“Protocells have a rare aptitude to inflate and deflate as a response to pressure,” explained Aden.

However, this futuristic type of shoes won’t be available anytime soon. As a ‘living’ organism, the cell-based trainers requires special attention and care as rather than keeping them in a box or on the shelve, these futuristic shoes must be kept in a jar full of special protocell liquid.
Futuristic Shoes blue amoeba shoe
Those interested to buy these shoes might have to look after them as they would care for some apartment plants. But rather than using a flower pot and water, they must have a special container and protocell liquid, available at all times.

“Repairing resources must be in abundance so that the shoes can self-rejuvenate,” Aden explained further.

Futuristic Shoes green biological shoe
There is still a lot to learn about the technology of the biological shoe. For example, what is its rate of growth? For how long does the wearer must keep the protocells on their foot until the shoe takes shape? Or, how the shoes maintain their shape when out of the foot for too long?
The only available prototype (in the photos) was designed by Aden with Martin’s in 2013. Since then, little is known if there are any intentions to take this project further. Moreover, Aden believes it might take another forty years before we see such protocell technology available on the market.
Would you wear a living cells shoe that repairs itself and makes you look like coming back from the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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