Fossil Q Motion – Release Date, Price And Specs


Fossil Q Motion – Release date, price, specs and everything you need to know.
The activity trackers of these days are no longer the niche gadgets few of us had and used when they hit the market for the first time a few years ago. Since then, well-known designers like Tory Burch or Yves Béhar have changed Fitbit’s and Jawbone’s activity trackers into stunning pieces of jewelry.
Swarovski is another big name in fashion that works with tech. The company turned Misfit’s and Huawei’s fitness bands into “must wear” evening accessories. And now, the watchmaker Fossil is trying again to package tech in “glitter and sparkle.” This time, at a lower price point.

Fossil Q Motion – Design And Features

fossil q motion wt vox
Looking similar to the Misfit Ray (which Fossil owns thanks to last year’s buyout) the Q Motion can track your steps, in fact, most of the metrics. The device’s case is from metal, and it has a minimal design. It looks like a cylinder in the middle, and it does not have a screen.
Similar to the Q Collection that came out not long before, the Fossil Q Motion is not just a fashion forward bracelet but also a serious fitness tracker.
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To make use of all its features, the Fossil Q Motion needs to be paired with an Android or iPhone, using Fossil’s exclusive app. Via the app, you can configure the apps and contacts from which you would like to receive notifications. Also, because it does not have a screen, the Q Motion vibrates and flashes an LED light once you receive a message or an email.
fossil q motion wt vox
In addition to the activity and sleep quality tracking, the Fossil Q Motion brings a new feature called Smart Tap Technology. By tapping on the Q Motion, you can play your favorite song, find your mobile or take a selfie. Even though Fossil is promoting it as a new feature, the Q Motion’s “smart tap” tech is similar to the “Link” feature found on Misfit trackers.

To “top up” the new functions the Fossil Q Motion bracelet brings to the wearables market this year, the device is also water resistant for up to 50 meters and has interchangeable straps to match your personal style.

Fossil Q Motion – Battery Life And Price

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One neat thing about the Misfit products is their durable battery life. Fossil Q Motion uses the same tech, and it does not need charging. The coin type of battery cell keeps Q powered for up to six months. Regarding the price, the Fossil Q Motion is going to cost you $95 in the U.S. and £79 in the U.K. The device is expected to hit the shelves this summer.
The Fossil Q Motion is the first activity tracker launched by Fossil since the company bought Misfit last year, for $260m. Given the Q Motion’s similarities to the Misfit products, it is quite evident that the startup’s wearable features are now included in Fossil’s latest device.
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