Fitbit 2016 Vision – Better Tracking And Fashion Partnerships


Fitbit 2016 Vision – Stress Tracking And Fashion Partnerships.
Some recent research had Fitbit as the best selling wearable this year. It had to beat stiff competition from Apple and Xiaomi. Great result and there’s a reason for that.
Fitbit’s range of activity trackers can collect all kind of data and information from the user. Depending on the device you are using, your Fitbit can calculate how many steps you’ve taken, how many stairs you’ve climbed, the quality of your sleep, etc.

Fitbit 2016 Vision – New Sensors For Accurate Metrics

fitbit 2016 vision includes more sensors for its fitness trackers
Top sales in 2015 but Fitbit does not stop here. In an interview for the Time, Fitbit’s CEO James Park says the company is looking to add more sensors to the next range of trackers.

We are going to release devices with advanced sensors. Trackers that help people get not only better metrics on what we are doing today but also extra data as well.” says Park.
“I cannot tell more, but things people are going to be interested in the future are blood pressure, stress, and more stats about their athletic performance. These are all things we are working on, and we’ll release over time.”

For Fitbit, adding more sensors to its activity trackers is a way to maintain its leader position in a crowded market.
More and more companies are entering the wearables market. From big corporations like Microsoft or Samsung to more fitness-focused companies like Garmin or TomTom, all of them are seeking your data. Your health data.

Microsoft, in particular, is trying to differentiate its Microsoft Band range from competitors by adding sensors that are not common. E.g., the UV monitor.
It now appears that Fitbit seeks to maintain its ranking as the top seller of fitness trackers with the same strategy.

Fitbit 2016 Vision – Fashion Partnerships

fitbit 2016 fashion partnerships
But Fitbit knows that extra sensors are not enough. Park sees the market changes. A market that has the fashion more and more interested in tech. For that, in addition to more sensors, Park says Fitbit plans to strike partnerships with big fashion houses.
Just like the one with Tory Burch. Mixing tech with fashion is not new to Fitbit. Beyond hardware and design, Fitbit is also looking to find new ways to make use of the collected data.

“Up to this point, it has been about gathering as much data as we can and the presentation and the visualization of that data.” says Park.
“Now I think a lot of that effort is going to go into making that data actionable. Benefit from it, whether it is through coaching, insights, or guidance.”

In the past, Fitbit and its rivals have tried different ways to add more meaning to a user data.
Jawbone, for example, can suggest ways to improve your performance and reach your fitness goals. It does that thanks to your data and insights.
Another useful feature, not present in Fitbit’s trackers is the idle mode present in the Apple Watch. It is a feature that alerts you when you did not move for some time.

Fitbit 2016 Vision – Support For Full Apps?

When asked if the “Fitbit 2016 vision” for its new fitness trackers would be to add support for full apps, Park confirmed. “Third-party apps will be able to connect to a future device. Well… in some ways.”

“We are going to allow third parties to use the power of having an always-on device on a user’s wrist. Expect this with the more advanced devices. Expect new tech in the near future.” says Park.

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