Let’s Talk About Fish Skin Fashion – Innovative Or Unethical?

Martin Smith

Fish Skin Fashion – Looks stunning but how much do you know about it? Moreover, how ethical is it? Boas Kristjánsson is a fashion designer from Iceland that just hit the Paris Fashion Week catwalk with his latest fashion collection called Karbon.

Karbon collection was designed mainly from fish skin and however innovative it might sound, the use of skin fish is nothing new to fashion and luxury brands.

Fish Skin Fashion - grey luxury trainers Fish Skin Fashion - 3 luxury bags Fish Skin Fashion - brown luxury bag Fish Skin Fashion - black luxury shoes  Fish Skin Fashion - blue luxury trainers

In fact, Atlantic Leather, the company that has supplied Boas Kristjánsson with the salmon skins used in his creations, is one of the larges companies that provide fish skins to high-end and luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Prada.

Fish Skin Fashion – Saving Or Wasting?

Sustainability is a significant drive and truth be told, most fish skin goes to waste. For example, one tonne of fish fillets ‘produces’ almost 40 kilograms of fish skin.

And yet, it is not the sustainable development that drives fashion brands to demand alternative leather but the global shortage in leather, propelled by the high demand for expensive leather products all over the world, soaring economies, and the fast development of the middle class.

There are lab-grown leather alternatives and leather surrogates made from apple, mushrooms, and pineapple wastes that can be used with great success in the manufacturing of luxury goods and still, luxury brands remain obsessed with natural leather, such as the one obtained from fish skins.

“As long as we are eating meat and fish, we should be utilising everything – otherwise it’s waste,” said Atlantic Leather chief executive, Gunnstein Bjornsson, pointing out that Atlantic Leather procures its fish skins from a nearby processing plant that uses renewable geothermal energy.

Fish Skin Fashion – What do you think?

If you are an ethical, eco, vegan, sustainable, conscious or fashion tech-inclined consumer, please leave your comments below.

Would love to know your take on fish skin and its use in contemporary fashion garments, shoes, bags and accessories, especially now when the vegan culture has taken off or about any other similar creations you’d like us to cover here, on WTVOX.

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