Filippo Loreti – Leading The Affordable Luxury Watch Revolution

Mandy Meyer

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Filippo Loreti – leaders of the affordable luxury watch revolution? Let’s see…

It still echoes in my ears Tim Cook’s statement – the CEO of Apple – that his company now sells more watches than all the Swiss watch manufacturers, combined.

According to Cook, the number of younger consumers interested in tech-infused smartwatches is on the rise.

But, there’s much more to that.

Assuming that all young consumers are interested in tech would be an inexcusable, business-breaking, generalisation.

Why? Because an equal portion of the younger customers is interested in classic style mechanical timepieces.

Fillipo Loreti affordable luxury watch

The unexpected millennial thinking (look good without breaking the bank or destroying the environment) caught the Swiss watch industry unprepared.

Its failure to adapt to the emerging segment of consumers, interested in purchasing affordable luxury accessories to gain status, has started to show.

Moreover, the manufacturers of ‘Switzerland watches’ have failed to take into consideration globalisation, the internet, and the changes it brought.

Millennial thinking, instant online access, comparison and competitive prices lead to the emergence of a new wave of cheap designer watches.

Promoted on social media as ‘affordable luxury watch’, or ‘cheap luxury watch’, this type of products resonate very well with the younger and more conscious buyers of watches.

Step by step, affordable luxury watch labels have begun to ‘hammer’ – some more successful than others – the Swiss watchmakers at their own game – selling the wealthy lifestyle image.

From all affordable luxury watchmakers, taking a leaf from the consecrated Swiss luxury brands, one of them stood out by a mile; Filippo Loreti.

First introduced to the masses via a Kickstarter campaign seeking €20,000 to launch the “Smart Luxury Watch Revolution”, Filippo Loreti was an instant success.

More than 16,000 people backed Filippo Loreti project, pledging over €3,500,000 to bring it to life this new concept of a Swiss luxury watch.

The ripples of Filippo Loreti brand endeavour have been so powerful that some big-name Swiss watchmakers felt threatened and engaged in powerful media attacks.

One of the most obvious hate attacks came from Marc Montagne, a Swiss national employed by Vacheron Constantin.

Montagne had a serious go at Filippo Loreti on Quora, calling them “…some of the worst pieces of garbage you could possibly be putting on your wrist”.

Montagne’s reason?

“They market themselves as Italian while they are Asian made. The founders? Lithuanian brothers!”

But, we can’t stop wondering, are all the owners of all ‘Swiss watch brands’ born and bred Swiss nationals?

Are all the ‘Made in Swiss’ watches assembled in Switzerland?

What about the materials used, are they all Swiss-made?

Swiss made luxury watch

Hard to tell. But, what we can say for sure is that even the ‘pure’ Vacheron Constantin watchmaker procures materials from China.

Ultimately, what matters the most is the buyers’ perception.

Image that big watchmakers have been striving so long, and so hard, to construct.

An image that Montagne is trying to hard to destroy.

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However, going back to the beginning of this article, the conscious buyers of watches are aware of these tricks now.

The internet has helped tremendously in demystifying the aura around many luxury houses, from fashion to accessories and watches, all over the world.

Yes, brand name matters. Will always matter.

But what also matters to the younger generation is the price-quality ratio.

And this is precisely where Filippo Loreti watches are straight bang on!

The brand advances more than Swiss-looking like watches but statements of aesthetic modernism.

Loreti has become the face of smart, sophisticated, elegant and affordable luxury watches.

The 21st-century affordable luxury watches for intelligent fashion lovers.

Therefore, based on popular demand, we have curated some of the most elegant Filippo Loreti wristwatches for women.

See below out our selection across different hues, designs, and functions.

Filippo Loreti Silver White Pearl

Filippo Loreti Silver White Pearl

Filippo Loreti – Silver White Pearl

This limited-edition timepiece from the Asea Series is a rare beauty to behold.

With only a thousand pieces produced to date, the Filippo Loreti Silver White Pearl is the culmination of pulchritudinous in the affordable designer watch segment.

Bold show-off of affluence and elegance, the White Pearl watch by Filippo Loreti flaunts the Mother-of-Pearl dial.

The dial is crafted with sparkling Swarovski crystals that are incredibly luminous in the dark.

Moreover, with its water-resistant capacity of up to 100m, the sparkling White Pearl is the perfect partner for sizzling adventures in the Mediterranean and yachting in coastal cities.

Do not worry about corrosion as the stainless steel casing stands guard not only protects but showcases your passion for beauty, elegance, and adventure.

Filippo Loreti Marble Rose Gold Mesh

Filippo Loreti Marble Rose Gold Mesh

Filippo Loreti – Marble Rose Gold Mesh

The Marble Rose Gold is for minimalist fashionistas looking for a functional, versatile, and comfortable timepiece.

Bursting with brilliant rose gold colour and fitted with simple dials, the Filippo Loreti Marble timepiece is inherently multi-talented.

Also affordable, this timepiece is the go-to choice when shopping on a budget.

Filippo Loreti Marble Rose Gold Mesh

The Marble Rose Gold timepiece makes it to the list of elegant watches for several reasons:

  • Premium stainless steel case.
  • Hardened mineral glass to prevent scratches.
  • Water-resistance to a depth of 50m.
  • Incredible multifunctional design.

Pair this beautiful wristwatch as desired, preferably with smart-casual outfits if you want to capture a clean look.

Filippo Loreti Frida Black Orchid

Filippo Loreti Frida Black Orchid

Filippo Loreti – Frida Black Orchid

Part of the Muse Series, Filippo Loreti’s Frida Black Orchid is an inspiration from the iconic Frida Kahlo.

The prominent breathtaking feminine design is due to excellent premium craftsmanship.

The iconic colour pairing – black and gold – ushers in a timeless fashion statement.

Now, you don’t have to worry about what’s in trend or not.

Filippo Loreti Frida Black Orchid

The case back artwork is an engraving of the self-inspiring Frida Kahlo quote – “I am my own muse”, a reminder of your elegance and self-worth.

Although leather-styled, Filippo Loreti Frida is water-resistant up to a depth of 30m.

This watch comes with a versatile complimentary Italian leather strap whose soft texture allows for comfortability against sensitive skin.

Frida is the perfect choice for everyday formal and casual looks.

Filippo Loreti Emmeline Watch

Filippo Loreti Emmeline Watch

Filippo Loreti – Emmeline Watch

Another offspring of the Muse Series, Emmeline is a stunning timepiece.

Paired with changeable luxe straps, this watch is for the savvy businesswoman out there.

The unique blue face with simple dials bequeaths on it, a never-have-seen-before classic look.

Filippo Loreti Emmeline Watch

While the feminine details are naturally outstanding, the watch’s overall design is utterly irresistible.

With water-resistant capabilities, the case is made of 316L stainless steel, a sheer representation of durability.

Moreover, with the help of Filippo Loreti Emmeline watch, pure elegance becomes affordable.

Filippo Loreti Moonphase

Filippo Loreti Moonphase luxury watch

Filippo Loreti – Moonphase

This Venice Series cheap luxury watch is as popular amongst men as for women.

Only this time, there are notable upgrades to suit the powerful female folk as the stylish Filippo Loreti Moonphase watch comes in a 40mm case set.

Completed with silver mesh bracelets, this shimmering timepiece is made of case material of 316L stainless steel.

Filippo Loreti Moonphase luxury watch

As for functionality, the watch has a Miyota 6P00 movement, Moonphase complications at 6 o’clock.

Moreover, a 50m water-resistance supports the versatility and durability of Filippo Loreti Moonphase watch.

An excellent timepiece ideal for those seeking to create a professional lifestyle image.

Conclusion – Affordable Designer Watches

It is often said that one of the surest ways to a woman’s heart is genuine love and timeless jewellery – the wristwatch being a priority on the list.

Gifting your lover a beautiful wristwatch is the perfect strategy to communicate love, personal style and elegance.

Like it or not, Filippo Loreti is here to stay.

With an excellent price-quality ratio, the brand delivers high exclusive and elegant ranges of watches that appeal so much to the younger, smarter generation.

Nowadays watch lovers are also seeking to look the part. Yet, without selling their house for a watch.

There’s no arguing that Filippo Loreti’s watches are celebrations of timeless aesthetic.

Made for men and women, these watches are incorporating brilliant innovation, smart functionality, and outstanding craftsmanship, catering to all tastes out there.

I’ve got one myself. Not for the excellent quality-price ratio, but in protest to the existing status quo of the luxury watch market.

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