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Welcome to WT VOX’s Pebble Time Round Review.
If the Axon Watch, the LG Urbane or the Huawei Watch didn’t convince you that the classic style is the key to success for smartwatches, here I have another example for you.
Six months after their Pebble Time smartwatch, Pebble is back with a new watch: Pebble Time Round.
This time, the new Pebble Time is – as the name suggests – round. Don’t smile. The watch is designed to look like a regular watch. The Pebble Time Round is the slimmest watch in the world to date, at just 0.29 of an inch thick.

Pebble Time Round Review – My Story

The new Pebble Time Round watch is that small and thin as you won’t remember you wear it. This is what happened to me at work: I knocked my Pebble Time Round on a corner desk and cracked the screen.
The impact was big. It would have shattered to pieces a normal watch, but, in this case, it only cracked the screen. The watch was still fully functional. I rung Pebble, explained that I am retarded, and they kindly offered to send me a new one. For free. How nice is that?

I now treat my Pebble Time Round like a bijou. It feels like it was made for me, and my wrist felt in love with it. The Pebble Time Round has a stainless steel case, linked to a thin leather bracelet and it sports an anti-glare 2.5 D Gorilla Glass display.

Pebble Time Round Review – Design And Specs

You can replace the leather bracelet in seconds thanks to the easy-release mechanism. You can add any standard 20mm bands you find on the market. Or, the 14mm band, if you have the smaller version of the Pebble Time Round.
The Pebble Time Round has three buttons placed on the right side of the case and one on the left. The buttons have a nice feel, are easy to click and well-spaced from each other. It is a step up from the cramped, plastic buttons on the old Pebble Time.
But, not everything is “rose” with the Time Round watch. There is one drawback: The thick bezel around the display.
The bezel is present on all Pebble Time Round watches, regardless of the case colour. I still don’t get it. Why does it have to be that thick? Was this an aesthetic decision? So thick that it makes the display look like a tiny spot in the middle of the watch.
Some say that with the right face, it looks fine. Maybe, but in 2015, “just fine” is no longer good enough. “Just fine” was with the first pebble watch. Not now. What is strange is that even thou’ the screen is small, the bezel makes it look big. What a paradox.
Talking about watch faces, it is true that you can match your watch to your look. Not only that but Pebble Time Round comes in various colors, band sizes, and styles. Confused? Don’t be. Let me explain.

The Round has one size, but the colours of the case and the strap sizes are the ones that change. Two strap sizes, the 14mm for ladies and 20mm for gents. Two casing colours for gents and 3 colours for girls. Black and silver for guys and the same for girls, with an extra colour here in rose gold.

Pebble Time Round Review – Hardware Specs

  • Colour “e-paper” display with LED backlight
  • Two days of battery power
  • IPX7 standard – splash resistant
  • Built-in microphone
  • Stainless Steel chassis and bezel, 7.5mm thin
  • 2.5D gorilla glass display
  • 3 tactile buttons
  • Magnetic charger
  • Vibrating motor
  • Weight – 28g / 0.99oz or 32g / 1.13oz

Pebble Time Round Review – Software And Features

As “software,” the Time Round uses Pebble’s Timeline Interface. The Timeline takes your data from both, your Pebble apps and from your calendar and keeps you up to date.
Straight “out-of-the-box,” the new Time Round watch will set you on a good experience course. The Time Round works with both Android and iOS devices, and the built-in apps are ready for you with no tinkering needed.
Pebble Time Round is a watch that delivers. The email, the notification, the text app, the calendar, the weather, everything works as you would expect.

Pebble Time Round Review – Battery Life And Price

The Time Round has a battery life of two days. Pebble got us used to its one-week battery life standards so this feels like a step back.
Apple Watch or most Android Wear watches will get you through 24 yours, but in fact, 18 hours is the norm. Add to that the size of the watch and you’ll see that in fact Pebble did a great job with this watch.
You can charge your Pebble Time Round via the small magnetic pin connector on the back of the watch. It charges quickly, too. Just give it 15 minutes on the charger and you’re good to go.

Pebble Time Round Review – Conclusion

Pebble Time Round Review
When you buy a smartwatch, it always comes down to the same question. What do you want it for? Notifications? Is it to make you look smarter?
If you’re looking for a bright screen, a touch displays, a heart rate monitor, thousands of apps to keep you busy then Pebble Time Round is not for you.
If you ask me, I love it. It keeps me away from my smartphone and I like that. The apps on the Time Round make my life easier, keep me organised, and don’t forget that this watch will make you look good too.
I know. You wish the Time Round was just a little cheaper. And you’re right. At $249.99, it costs nearly as much as the Samsung Gear S2.

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  1. Hi! I cracked my screen as well. I called then and they refused to seems me a new one but would give me a discount to buy a new one.