Intel and Fossil's First Android Wear Watch Revealed


Fossil is joining the wearables landscape as the company just revealed its first Android Wear smartwatch, developed in partnership with Intel and Google.
Intel has launched several projects into the wearable tech space, from MICA smart bracelet to the Basis Peak smartwatch and has a great experience and knowledge that could prove useful in this new partnership.
Fossil has made smart devices before too, without great success though. Now, Intel and Fossil join forces for a number of wearable tech devices, called Fossil Connected Accessories and the details were briefly teased at Intel’s Developer Forum keynote.
The biggest attraction was the long awaited Android Wear watch. And here’s a surprising note: it looks very similar to the Moto 360, with the same circular screen – and more disturbing, the “flat tire” effect on the screen.
You heard it right, Fossil and Intel’s smartwatch does not make use of the full screen, instead blacking out a small portion of the screen at the bottom. Motorola did the same thing for the Moto 360, claiming it allowed them to keep the watch size smaller by storing components behind the “flat tire”. However, we have examples from LG and Samsung of smartwatches with round displays that aren’t big in size.

fossil android wear watch

Fossil’s Android Wear watch looks very similar to the Moto 360, with the same circular screen.

The company didn’t reveal any specifications or a full price, but a few sources are claiming that the new smartwatch should be available sometime in September or October. There is also a smart bracelet and another smartwatch on the way which is running a different operating system than Google’s Android Wear, though Fossil didn’t give up any details on either of these devices.
According to a few sources, the smartwatch will also offer a silver finish and multiple bands, including leather and metal link options.
The smartwatch landscape has so far been dominated by tech companies such as Apple, Google, Pebble, Motorola, LG and Samsung. Traditional watch companies are just starting to enter the field, in some cases out of concern that a new generation of smartwatches – like the Apple Watch 2 – could grab a slice of the low-to mid-range sales.
Fossil’s Greg McKelvey said that the company will be making smartwatches and smart wristbands for other brands like Michael Kors and Kate Spade. These are most likely the smart bracelets and smartwatches shown at the Intel Developer Forum yesterday.