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Top 5 Fashion Tech Accessories To Wear In 2017


Top 5 Fashion Tech Accessories To Wear In 2017
Wearables and smart connected objects have evolved to a level where are no longer perceived as the bulky fitness trackers designed only for the geeky customers or some early adopters. The market for luxury has dramatically changed over the last two years, with more brands leading the way by fusing luxury with technology and capturing the imaginations of their buyers. Here are the best 5 fashion tech accessories to wear in 2017.

1. Top 5 Fashion Tech Accessories – Misfit Ray

misfit ray fashion tech accessories
Now owned by Fossil Group, over the past couple of years Misfit has produced quite a few wearable tech devices. Misfit Ray has won our hearts at CES 2016 for not only being an excellent fitness tracker but also looking very fashionable at the same time.
Priced at only $69.99 on Amazon, Ray has a unique, minimalist, cylindrical design making it ideal as a fashion accessory rather than a watch looking like a tracker. The body of the tracker is metallic, in multiple colours, making Ray a “unisex jewellery” that can be worn by men and women alike, night or day.

      The available colours are:

    • Carbon black – a beautiful matt black for the sober ones that work great with an evening suit
    • Rose Gold – this one matches beautifully with the gold iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7 also in gold
    • Navy – A dark military blue for the more athletic ones
    • Forest – A jungle-like green for the nonconformist customers or the in-fashion military green shoes and jackets this winter 2017.
    • Stainless Steel – Sports a robotic, shiny metallic look
    • Steel Gold – A shiny classic gold that can be matched with any gold rings or necklaces you might have

The once you have made up your mind on the Ray body, you’ll have to match it with a strap or a necklace. Available in plastic, leather, metal, all sorts of colours and models, each at $39.99 on the official website or, on Amazon for a good discount.

Matching the bracelets with the body is a must. For example, the rose gold model with a sports strap is slightly leaning towards a more feminine aesthetic where the black model with a cord bracelet seems to suit male wrists more. But feel free to play with them and find the one that suits you best.
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2. Top 5 Fashion Tech Accessories – Bellabeat Leaf Urban

leaf fashion tech accessories
If success can be measured in speed of sales, then Leaf Urban is a clear winner. Bellabeat sold out in less than a day, and that alone says a lot about this little fitness tracking gem.
With its sleek design, the “Leaf” appeals to women interested not only to look good, improve fitness and get their right body metrics but also make use of the fertility and meditation addons.
The clips are strong and symmetrical, coming in two finishes. Rose gold and silver, both at $139.99. The design is simple yet very effective, allowing you to wear the device either as a bracelet or as a necklace.
Leaving the design aside, the Leaf Urban by Bellabeat stands out by combining the user’s data into one easy to understand graphic, focusing on how to best deal with stress.
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3. Top 5 Fashion Tech Accessories – Fitbit Alta

fashion tech accessories fitbit alta
Fitbit is one of the popular brands of wearables on the market. Sadly, the company has not invested much on the style but functionality, with one exception; Fitbit Alta.
Launched as a Misfit Ray rival, Alta comes with silver and satin polish bangles by designer names such as Public School and Tory Burch. More than that, the wristbands can be changed to accessorise your outfits, a concept very appealing to the female market segment.
Priced at $128.95, the Alta tracker can be further customised with a select range of bracelets as Classic, Luxe Leather and Luxe Metal.
The “Classic” models are rubbery, have a sporty look and are situated the lower end of the price spectrum. You can order yours in blue, plum, black or teal and also add some extra “Classic” bands, available for $29.99 each.
The “Luxe” models start at $49.99. Made from high-quality leather, these bracelets come in blue, pink and graphite colours. Then, the most upscale Luxe bracelet is made of stainless steel, and it is priced at $79.99. Both, Luxe leather and Luxe metal bracelets are discounted for the festive period with $10 each.
Overall, Fitbit Alta remains a fantastic unisex wearable tracker, for both men and women, wanting a fitness tracker that is fashionable, discrete and highly practical at the same time.
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4. Top 5 Fashion Tech Accessories – Amazfit Moon Beam

amazfit fashion tech accessories
Moon Beam from Amazfit is an elegant wearable piece that immediately draws your eyes to the wearer’s wrist. Cheaper than the above mentioned, very successful, fitness trackers (Fitbit Alta and Misfit Ray), Moon Beam is taking inspiration from the Chinese jade pendants.
The designers of Amazfit aimed at creating a discrete fashion accessory, with no screen or discernible technology that would betray what it is and make it look like a fitness tracker. Moon Beam is a real jewellery, with a ceramic core, carefully crafted, polished over 120,000 times to achieve the perfect shine and radiance.
Weighing a mere 14g, Amazfit is a seamless and comfortable 24-hour companion. Amazfit comes with a delicate, white leather strap, in a rose gold casing encircling the white ceramic body.
Available is also a black ceramic body with stainless steel and a black leather wristband, but this little device packs some serious power behind its delicate looks. It can track your activity, calories burned, sleep, and allows the wearer to program vibrating alerts for incoming calls and messages.
Amazfit is a well-balanced device of fashion and function that lets you keep your personal style while also staying healthy. Available from Amazon, here, at a special price.
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5. Top 5 Fashion Tech Accessories – Misfit Phase

fashion tech accessories misfit phase
After being bought by Fossil in 2016, Misfit has shortly delivered a proper timepiece, a hybrid smartwatch. Misfit Phase has no screen, but it is still able to alert you via vibrations and watch hands changes. You get all sorts of notifications and can also track your sleep and movement.

Even though it has a lesser “classic” look than Skagen Hagen Connected discussed above, Misfit Phase is one of the most fashionable smartwatches launched in 2016. The watch face has no numbers but only similar colour gradations, broken by a small circle at the bottom. All in all, that was the idea. To make Misfit Phase non-intrusive, classical and very minimal looking.
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