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Ringly Aries Collection – Jewellery Meets Tech


Ringly Aries Collection – Jewellery Meets Tech
Ringly, a connected jewellery company is expanding its portfolio of smart accessories for ladies with a new bracelet collection.
Ringly was one of the first makers of connected jewellery for women, with its collection of rings back in 2014. The rings were not as refined as you’d expect from a luxurious accessory and still, Ringly’s rings were a class apart from the main competition.
This time, the company returned with a new collection of smart, fashionable accessories taken to another level. The Ringly Aries collection combines smart features with a chic, stylish design. Read on to find all the details.

Ringly Aries Collection – Design And Features

What strikes you first is how thin and elegant the new Ringly Aries wristband is. The bracelet body is made from a gold-plated metallic band and semi-precious stones to complement its aesthetics.
Ringly chose Lapis, Rainbow Moonstone, Tourmalated Quartz and Labradorite to augment the look of its new bracelets. Each stone is hand cut and polished to give each bracelet a unique character. The whole concept works, and it adds to the impression that you are wearing a luxurious piece of jewellery.
Ringly Aries Collection - Design And Features
Some bracelets come with little crystal accents, on either side of the gem for an increased effect. However, the Ringly Aries bracelet has far more to offer than just an exquisite look. Hidden behind that beautiful look, is a smart device designed with the goal to keep you fit and connected non-stop.

“We often hear from people that they like the idea of Ringly, but they don’t want to wear the same ring every day. Our vision is to have different products to match different lifestyles.” – Ringly CEO, Christina Mercando.

The Aries bracelet relies on a Bluetooth connection to your mobile, to be able to obtain and then deliver notifications back to you. Through the Ringly mobile app, you can manage the types of alerts you want, and how you want them to be displayed.
For example, WhatsApp notifications can be personalised to green colour and one short buzz. Standard SMS can be a white light with two vibrations and so on. You get the idea.
On top of that, you can customise anything you receive on your mobile so that only the notifications from previously filtered people are going to be sent to your bracelet.
Ringly Aries Collection bracelet
The Aries bracelet features new internals too. The bracelet has a new three-axis accelerometer that handles the fitness tracking and a larger battery that gives you an extra day of juice.

Apart from being able to track your steps, the Ringly Aries bracelet can also estimate the calories you burn during the day and the distance you walk or run.
The device is also compatible with more than 100 apps, including HealthKit, Snapchat, Slack and Uber.

Ringly Aries Collection – Availability And Price

Ringly Availability And Price
Ringly Aries collection is now available at for a special pre-order price of $195. If you are lucky enough to count yourself as one of the first thousand customers, a nice surprise awaits you. You are going to become a member of Ringly’s Diamond Club and have the company encrust a real diamond on the side of the bracelet you have ordered.
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One more thing. Once the bracelets start shipping this summer, the price is expected to rise to $279.99. If you order yours now, don’t forget to get back to us and let us know how you like it.
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